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Facts and figures about Logan and the surrounding area

Facts about local agriculture including farm acreage, crops raised, livestock & poultry, and farm values.
Business and Industry
Includes statistics on taxable sales by industry, business births and deaths and the number and types of business establishments.
Crime and Law Enforcement
Data on crime rates, annual arrests and types of crimes committed.
Statistics on public and higher education including school enrollment, education indicators, educational attainment and test scores.
Geography and Climate
Includes information on temperatures, precipitation, elevation and land area.
Lists elected officials for the City of Logan and Cache County.
Health and Social Characteristics
Information about health of area residents including birth and death rates, leading causes of death and health indicators. Also includes information on social characteristics including marriage and divorce rates.
Housing and Construction
Information on new residential construction, home ownership rates and available housing.
Income and Employment
Includes data on cost of living, household incomes, unemployment, employment and wages by industry, and principal employers.
Facts about the people who live in Logan and Cache County including total population and households, population growth, along with the age and race of residents.
Data on local property, income and sales tax.
Facts about local motor vehicle registrations, commuting to work, and traffic accidents.


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