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Reading Program for Adults
The Logan Library offers year-round reading programs for adults.

Reading Program

"Read books. As often as you can. Mostly classics." - Maura Kelley, writer.

Go to the library Information Desk to pick up your packet or sign up and participate online.

The program begins on December 2nd and extends through February 29th.

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Book Services
Reading related library services.

The Logan Library compiles a variety of reading lists to help you select books you will enjoy.
Personalized Reading Suggestions
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Book Club Kits
Kits of 8-10 books available for checkout by book groups.
eBooks and eAudiobooks
The library provides a variety of electronic books and audiobooks that can be downloaded to your computer and device or read online.

Online Resources
Websites about books.


Award Web
Literary Award Information

Best Sellers

New York Times Best Sellers
The New York Times best seller lists.


Dear Author
Romance book reviews from the readers' point of view.

Series and Sequels

Easily find out which book is next in a series

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Find a Good Book
Hennepin County Library Bookspace page

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Library Favorites

The sea garden
Debra Lawrenson
Recommended by: Karen

Lawrenson draws the reader in with a mystery on a Mediterranean island then back in time to WWII France and Britain. If you like puzzles, mystery, suspense, historical intrigue with a little romance tossed in for fun check this one out!

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