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Historical Tidbits
Historical Tidbits
Information from the Virginia Hanson Special Collections
First Four LDS Wards in Logan, Utah

Because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was directly responsible for permanent settlement of European settlers in Cache Valley, it may not be a surprise to know that there were organized congregations very early in the valley.

On November 14th 1859 William B. Preston was called to be the first LDS bishop in Logan. He served until April 14th 1861 when growth in Logan demanded that the one ward be subdivided into four wards with bishops called for each: Benjamin Lewis (1st Ward), Henry Ballard (2nd Ward), John B. Thatcher (3rd Ward), and Thomas X. Smith (4th Ward). Each of these wards continue to be integral in the religious and cultural makeup of our city to this day.

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A collection of historic photos of Logan.

Photo Title Description
George Boeck
90 North 100 East
Fall 1973
George Boeck was the fourth director of the Logan Library. Click here for more information.

Picture ID: 6L

Source: Logan Library Photo Collection-Library History

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Mayors of Logan

John A. Crockett
20th Mayor of Logan

John A. Crockett Dates in Office: 1922-1926
Terms in Office: 2

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September 9 ~ A new electric power station opened in Logan containing the largest diesel engine ever installed in the State of Utah to that point. It had a capacity of 675 horsepower, and could easily take care of the city's entire load, serving 1600 homes and businesses with electric power.