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Historical Tidbits
Historical Tidbits
Information from the Virginia Hanson Special Collections
Edith Bowen and the Library

Edith Bowen is a name that is well known throughout Cache Valley. She was an influential early educator, and her name is well known today for her namesake, the Edith Bowen Laboratory School on USU campus.

Recently my interest was peeked when I learned that she was also a long serving board member for our library. While combing through the board minutes, I discovered a letter, dated October 2, 1939, tendering her resignation from the board. I was touched by her handwritten words of support for libraries!

~ Jason Cornelius, Special Collections Librarian


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Historic Photos
A collection of historic photos of Logan.

Photo Title Description
First Security Bank
5 South Main
about 1980
After the Thatcher Bank and Opera House burned down in 1912, this building was constructed in its place. It has held several different banking institutions through the years.

Picture ID: 6L

Source: Logan Library Photo Collection-Buildings

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Mayors of Logan

Robert S. Campbell
3rd Mayor of Logan

Robert S. Campbell Dates in Office: 1882-1885
Terms in Office: 2

From Logan's History


May 20 ~ The Commercial Boosters Club was organized with a membership of about twenty-five which by 1911 had grown to two hundred and fifty. It later became known as the Logan Chamber of Commerce.