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Historical Tidbits
Historical Tidbits
Information from the Virginia Hanson Special Collections
Logan History Index

Several years ago we began to create an online Logan History Index. As part of this project, we have gradually been entering in the indexes or creating indexes for the various local histories, biographies, genealogies, and other materials in our collection. There are now over 90,000 index listings from 65 different sources. Some of the books have never been indexed before!

Why is this important? We have found a treasure trove of historical facts locked away in these various materials, sometimes extremely difficult to find. We hope that by creating this index researchers will be able to locate valuable pieces of their family and local history.

Come and try it out or volunteer YOUR time to this effort.

~ Jason, Special Collections Librarian


Past Tidbits


Historic Photos
A collection of historic photos of Logan.

Photo Title Description
Logan's Electric Streetcar

about 1925
The Logan Rapid Transit Company was organized by David Eccles in 1910. An electric railroad was constructed from the Oregon Shortline Depot on 600 West, east down Center Street, north up Main Street to Fourth North and then east to the Utah State Agricultural College.

Picture ID: 6L

Source: Logan Library Photo Collection-Buildings

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Mayors of Logan

Alvin Crockett
1st Mayor of Logan

Alvin Crockett Dates in Office: 1866-1870
Terms in Office: 2

From Logan's History


~ The first automobile was brought to Logan by Robert Murdock, the postmaster. It had a one cylinder gasoline engine.