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Historical Tidbits
Historical Tidbits
Information from the Virginia Hanson Special Collections
Edith Bowen and the Library

Edith Bowen is a name that is well known throughout Cache Valley. She was an influential early educator, and her name is well known today for her namesake, the Edith Bowen Laboratory School on USU campus.

Recently my interest was peeked when I learned that she was also a long serving board member for our library. While combing through the board minutes, I discovered a letter, dated October 2, 1939, tendering her resignation from the board. I was touched by her handwritten words of support for libraries!

~ Jason Cornelius, Special Collections Librarian


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Historic Photos
A collection of historic photos of Logan.

Photo Title Description
John P. Holmgren Paint Work
Unknown Location
Unknown Date
Photo depicting some of the work of artist John P. Holmgren in an unknown religious building. This photo also depicts another artist believed to be Niels C. Nielsen. This photo is part of the Holmgren Collection

Picture ID: 6L

Source: Holmgren Photo Collection

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  • Logan Maps - Various historical maps of Logan, Utah, many viewable online.

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Mayors of Logan

James T. Hammond
4th Mayor of Logan

James T. Hammond Dates in Office: 1885-1886
Terms in Office: 1

From Logan's History


September ~ About three-hundred minute men from Logan under Major Ricks with Peter Maughan arrived in Franklin to prevent a white man from being killed by the Indians. Chief Washakie told the Mormon leader that the whiskey sold by two Franklin settlers caused the trouble. Peter Maughan agreed to give the Indians two yoke of oxen, and the men who sold the whiskey were required to provide the oxen.