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Historical Tidbits
Historical Tidbits
Information from the Virginia Hanson Special Collections
New Artwork Donation

Visitors of the Logan Library may have noticed that throughout the building we have quite a few excellent art pieces. In addition to these fine pieces, library patrons have also enjoyed the community art wall where novice and experienced artists have displayed their work. We have a proud history of displaying art and are now excited to display a new mural on canvas in the Virginia Hanson Special Collections Room.

The mural is large (24 feet long) and was painted in 1964 by Utah State University Professors Everett C. Thorpe and Harrison T. Groutage, two well-known names in Utah art history. Hoehne, the third name on the mural is currently unknown. The piece depicts various scenes throughout Cache and Rich counties.

Little is known about the history of the piece except that it likely once hung somewhere on campus, was sometime removed and placed in storage, and it hasn't been displayed for decades. Recently the piece was given a new home at the library so the public could once again enjoy the details found in the piece. If you know anything about its history, please let us know, and be sure to come into special collections to view it.

~ Jason, Special Collections Librarian


Past Tidbits


Historic Photos
A collection of historic photos of Logan.

Photo Title Description
Old Barn
265 North 100 West
about 1980
The history of this historic structure in Logan is unknown. If you know something about it, please let us know.

Picture ID: 6L

Source: Logan Library Photo Collection-Buildings

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Mayors of Logan

Lorenzo Hansen
12th Mayor of Logan

Lorenzo Hansen Dates in Office: 1902-1904
Terms in Office: 1

From Logan's History


~ The Logan City electric power company closed, and the plant was dismantled.