Isaac Davis Haines: 7th Mayor of Logan

haines_lgDates in Office: 1890-1892
Terms in Office: 1
Age when Elected: 55

Isaac D. Haines was born on September 16, 1835 in Bloom Township, Morgan County, Ohio. His parents were Smith Haines and Elizabeth Baker (or Smith). He married Elizabeth Highfield on December 31, 1863 and they had seven children. He died in Ogden, Utah on March 27, 1901.

In 1894 Mr. Haines was appointed superintendent of the State Industrial School in Ogden, Utah.

Mr. Haines was mayor of Logan from 1890 to 1892.


1. "The Ogden Standard Examiner". Funeral of Mr. Haines. Ogden, Utah: 28 March 1901.



  • The Thatcher Bank and Opera House was completed with the opera house occupying the upper two stories. This structure was quite modern for its time, featuring steam heat, indoor plumbing, and electricity. Having a seating capacity for eight-hundred, the opera house became an entertainment center for the entire valley. 43, 47

  • March 19 ~ The structure of municipal government was changed with the office of alderman being discontinued. This change coincided with the number of municipal wards increasing from five to seven, and each ward represented by one councilor. 47

  • September ~ Utah Agricultural College (now Utah State University) began classes. 51

  • June ~ According to the Federal Census, the population of Logan was 4,565. 45

  • September 6 ~ Construction on the Logan railroad depot at 600 West Center (now Café Sabor) began.


  • ~ In order to further the cause of Utah Statehood, existing political parties in Logan were dissolved and the Democrat and Republican Parties were organized. 47

  • November 1 ~ The Logan Tabernacle as a completed structure (including the entrance and tower) was dedicated by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints president Wilford Woodruff. It was built primarily by volunteer labor over more than 25 years. 6, 24


  • ~ The name of the Logan Journal was change to the Journal by the Earl and England Publishing Company, its new owner. 36

  • ~ The Parry School was opened. It was located in a small building made of solid stone at 290 North 400 East, where the Whittier Center now stands. Armenia Parry taught classes in the school to as many as 94 students daily. Miss Parry later married and took on the name Adams. Both Adams Elementary School and Adams Park are named in her honor.

  • ~ The first Utah State football game was played, a 12 to 0 victory over the University of Utah. 36