Edward W. Robinson: 13th Mayor of Logan

robinson_lgDates in Office: 1904-1908
Terms in Office: 2
Age when Elected: 38

Edward W. Robinson was born on July 10, 1866 in American Fork, Utah. He was the son of Edward Robinson and Sarah Elizabeth Harrington. He married Elizabeth Rachel Holdaway on July 20, 1887 and had two children. Mr. Robinson died in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 10, 1924 and is buried in Logan, Utah.

Mr. Robinson was a prominent educator of Logan. He was a Representative of Cache County and Speaker of the House in the Utah Legislature for two terms.

Mr. Robinson was mayor of Logan, Utah for two terms from 1904-1908.


1. "The Journal". Ex-Mayor E.W. Robinson Passes Away in Salt Lake City. Logan, Utah: April 10, 1924.



  • ~ A new telephone building was constructed and a new switchboard installed. 7


  • ~ The St. John's Episcopalian church opened a reading room on West Center Street in 1906. 30

  • ~ Budge Hospital was moved to 102 West Center, a building which later became the personal residence of Doctor Heber S. Amussen. 32


  • ~ The Logan City Offices were relocated to the Courthouse, 179 North Main, while the Arimo Block offices were remodeled.

  • ~ A railroad branch called “the loop” was run from Mendon to the south end of the valley in Wellsville. 24