George Boeck: Fifth Library Director

GeorgeBoeck(1973)bYears: 1973-1974

George A. Boeck was born in 1949 in Colorado.

He was hired as the library's fifth director on September 15, 1973. He came to the library straight out of the University of Denver where he received his M.S. of Library Science. There were a great number of firsts associated with George's hire: he was the first director to hold a master's degree, he was the first male director, and he was the first director to originate outside of Cache Valley, not being part of the areas deep pioneer roots.

George arrived with a great amount of energy behind his plans to renovate the library's functions and services. His first accomplishment was to weed, removing a third of the collection and selling it in a public sale which was held in early October 1973. He also worked to promote the library through radio and in print, launch a shut-in patron service, help an active friends of the library group become established, and work with the library board to update the policies and procedures of the library.

After just less than a year as director, George resigned his position on July 1, 1974. His primary reason for leaving was personal, but he also expressed a secondary concern that Cache Valley was not a good fit for him socially. Despite the underlying concerns, the library board expressed their belief that George was first and foremost a professional and that the library was better off with his having contributed his time and efforts.
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