William Edwards: 14th Mayor of Logan

edwards_lgDates in Office: 1908-1910
Terms in Office: 1
Age when Elected: 51

William Edwards was born on October 22, 1857 in Brigham City, Utah. His parents were John Edwards and Margaret Roberts. He married Mary Ann Lewis on December 16, 1880 and Julia Flitton on May 29, 1884 and had eleven children. He died in Logan, Utah on November 2, 1929.

Prominent in local business, Mr. Edwards was manager of Edwards Furniture. He was also active in public service, serving as a member of the Logan City Board of Education from 1893-94 and chairman of Cache County Commissioners from 1901-02.

Mr. Edwards was mayor of Logan City from 1908 to 1910.


1. "The Journal". Prominent Former Mayor and Prominent Merchant Called. Logan, Utah, November 2, 1929.



  • ~ The Logan Tabernacle organ was installed and a grand opening program was held for the public with George W. Thatcher conducting the choir and H.G. Smurthwaite on the organ. The organ was constructed by the Pilcher Organ Company and included three keyboards, 3,000 pipes, and forty-one stops. 7


  • ~ The Boy Scouts of America was organized in Cache Valley one year before its official organization in the United States. Troop One (1) was organized by the Reverend John Paul Jones in St. John's Episcopal Church in 1909. Despite its scoutmaster and sponsor, Troop 1 was clearly interdenominational: of 26 boys, 21 were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 51

  • January ~ The St. John's Episcopal Church building and vicarage were completed at 85 East 100 North. The building featured a circulating library, the first tennis court in Logan, and a game room with pool tables and shuffleboard. 7

  • May 20 ~ The Commercial Boosters Club was organized with a membership of about twenty-five which by 1911 had grown to two hundred and fifty. It later became known as the Logan Chamber of Commerce. 54