John A. Crockett: 20th Mayor of Logan

jcrockett_lgDates in Office: 1922-1926
Terms in Office: 2
Age when Elected: 48

John A. Crockett was born on April 18, 1874 in Logan, Utah. His parents were Alvin Crockett and Annie Naomi Peel. He married Anna Dorothea Elizabeth Hansen on May 1, 1895 and had nine children. He died in Logan, Utah on June 6, 1948.

Mr. Crockett served in World War I, enlisting in the Second Engineers Corps Company F in 1917 and was among the first boys who went to France from Utah. During the period of the war he served as chairman of the eight ward defense committee. He worked in the insurance and loan business in Logan. He served as Logan City Commissioner of Logan beginning in 1917.

Mr. Crockett was mayor of the City of logan from 1922 to 1926. Crockett called a bond election in 1923 which resulted in the Logan Municipal Power Plant being rebuilt and enlarged. Later, in 1926, meters were installed in residential homes to moniter and properly bill for energy use.


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  • ~ The Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations cooperated with the U.S. Forest Service to clean up and level-up the Logan Canyon Park, now known as Guinavah Park. 19

  • ~ The Bluebird Restaurant was opened at its current location on Main Street.

  • ~ The Budge Clinic moved its offices to 3 North Main, what became known as "Budge Block". It occupied part of the ground floor and all of the upper floor.

  • March 23 ~ The Capitol Theater was built at 43 South Main. It is now known as the Ellen Eccles Theatre.

  • July 22 ~ "Old Ephraim", the last known grizzly bear in the area, was killed by Frank Clark near Temple Fork in Logan Canyon. 25

  • July 23 ~ "Old Juniper", a gnarled old Jardine Juniper tree, was discovered by Maurice Blood Linford, then a student of botany and plant pathology at the Utah State University. It was believed to be about 1,500 years old. 7


  • ~ The City of Logan entered into an agreement with Cache County to furnish them with fire protection services.

  • June ~ Loganite Lt. Russell L. Maughan, "the man who chased the sun", became a national hero as he won the Pulitzer Prize for the fastest airplane flight between San Francisco and New York. He was the first to make the trip in less than a day. 7, 19

  • July 24 - 25 ~ A centennial celebration to commemorate Jim Bridger leading a small band of trappers into Cache Valley in 1824 was the largest celebration ever held in the valley to that point. An estimated 50,000 people witnessed the events. 16, 19


  • ~ Logan Library checkouts had grown to exceed 40,000 a year.

  • September 2 ~ KFXD, possibly the first radio station in Logan, received its license. The station was owned by local car salesman L.H. Strong and was located over the Strong Motor Co. on East Center Street. In December 1926 the station was sold and moved to Jerome, Idaho. The station subsequently moved to Boise, Idaho where it still (2019) broadcasts today.