Ernest G. Earl: 29th Mayor of Logan

earl_lgDates in Office: 1973-1974
Terms in Office: 1
Age when Elected: 72

Ernest G. Earl was born on October 10, 1900 in Fielding, Utah. His parents were Charles William Earl and Hattie Leonard. He married Vernetta Erickson on December 4, 1922 and had three children. He settled in Logan, Utah in 1918 and died there on December 29,1994.

Ernest Earl was a Logan business man of some prominence. He was one of the first members of the Logan Golf and Country Club and served two terms on its board of directors. He was also a member of Cache Chamber of Commerce for over 40 years, serving on that board of directors for two terms and also as president one year. In 1957 Earl lost the race for mayor in Logan to T. Earl Hunsaker.

Ernest G. Earl was appointed Interim Mayor of Logan on September 13, 1973, finishing Ted Perry's term.


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