Curtis L. Miner: 23rd Mayor of Logan

miner_lgDates in Office: 1946-1950
Terms in Office: 2
Age when Elected: 37

Curtis Miner was born on January 28, 1909 in Fairview, Utah. His parents were Ernest L. Miner and Theresa Andersen. He married Gwen Johnson on June 25, 1930 and had one daughter and eight stepchildren. He died in Logan, Utah on January 30, 1993.

Mr. Miner was prominent locally as a businessman, working forty years in the grocery business. He served as president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and received the Distinguished Service Award in 1944. While serving as Logan City mayor, Mr. Miner was president of the Utah Municipal League. He was also Cache County Treasurer for 12 years.

Mr. Miner served as Logan City mayor from 1946 to 1950.


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  • ~ After World War II enrollment at USAC skyrocketed. While enrollment during the 1943-44 year was fewer than a thousand students, in 1946-47 that figure had climbed to 4,493. 52


  • March 18 ~ The Utah-Idaho Central Railroad made its final trip. The Logan station was located in the building at 75 South Main. The railroad prospered from 1914 to the mid 1920's but it succumbed to an agricultural depression and the increased use of trucks and automobiles, finally being abandoned in 1946. 6, 47

  • July 24 ~ The 100th anniversary of the arrival of pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley was celebrated throughout Utah.


  • ~ Telephone line installed in the library.

  • January ~ Both the Cache Valley Hospital and the Budge Memorial Hospital were purchased by the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Cache Valley General Hospital on 100 East was closed and the Budge Memorial at 303 East 200 North was remodeled and became the Logan LDS Regional Hospital until 1975. 32, 43