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3D Printer - Dremel 3D20 Idea Builder

3DprinterThe Logan Library has a 3D printer available for educational and/or personal not-for-profit use. The library will accept designs and print them as they fit the policy. This is a single-extruder, PLA filament printer. The print resolution maximum is 100 microns; most print jobs are run at 50 microns.
  • Acceptable file types: .STL (preferred), .OBJ
  • Maximum print size (build platform dimensions): 9"x5.9"x5.5"

Like our paper printing, 3D printing also costs money. The rate is $0.20 per meter for the first 100 meters. Print requests that exceed 100m will be charged a $0.30 per meter premium over 100m. If the print requester has a valid library card, the first 50m of the first print request is free.

Requesting a Print job:
  1. Read the policy. By supplying the library with files to print, you are accepting these policies and agreeing to abide by them. You are also claiming that you either hold the copyright or trademark to the material you are printing or that it is copyright free.
  2. Fill out the form. Indicate your preferred contact information so we can effectively let you know your payment due and when your print is ready to pick up.
  3. Supply the file. Bring a thumb drive, SD card, or CD with your print file to the Information Desk. Files in the .stl format are preferred, though .obj files are also acceptable.
  4. Wait 2-5 business days for the total. The librarian will need to assess whether your file fits our policy and if our 3D printer can print your creation. If it passed both criteria, you will be notified of the total you owe to cover the filament cost.
  5. Pay for your print. You do need to pay for your print job before the library can start to print it. We accept cash, check, and (some) credit card payments. You can even pay over the phone with your MasterCard or Visa.
  6. Pick up your print. This can take between 3 and 10 business days based on request density, number of parts, number of colors, and other factors. We will notify you via your preferred contact information. You will have 7 days from that notification to pick-up your print and drive from the Check-Out Desk.