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Library Board


The Logan Library Board consists of seven directors: six Logan City residents appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council to serve for three year terms, and one member of the City Council chosen to serve on the Board by Council assignment. Directors may serve for one additional and consecutive three year term if mutually agreeable.

According to the library laws of the City of Logan (follow the link, then search for 'Library') and the State of Utah (follow the link, then open the 'Library Laws' menu), the Library Board supervises the operation, maintenance, and care of the library, establishes policies for its operation, provides an annual report to the City and the State Library, and appoints the City Librarian (Library Director) and other staff, among other duties.

Near the end of each year, the Board conducts an internal election to determine which Directors will serve as Chair and Vice Chair during the following year. The Directors then decide who will accept other assignments as needed.

Name Position/Assignment for 2023 Board Term
 John Zsiray  Chair  2nd term expires 1/1/26
 Sheri Haderlie  Vice Chair
 Strategic Planning/Policies/5 Year Plan
 2nd term expires 1/1/24
 Zinthia Cornejo  Cultural Diversity  1st term expires 1/1/24
 David Welch  Advocacy & Legislation  1st term expires 1/1/24
 Chelsea Bitner  Community Outreach/Events/Social Media  1st term expires 1/1/25
 Frank Stewart  Trust Funds & Fundraising  1st term expires 1/1/25
 Mark A. Anderson  City Council Liaison  Subject to council appointment


The Logan Library Board of Directors meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 PM in the Logan City Conference Room (290 North 100 West). When the 3rd Monday is a holiday, the meeting is typically held on the 2nd Monday. Board meetings are open to the public. To view the current agenda and librarian's report, go here. To view archived meeting minutes, go here.


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