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Creating Your New 21st Century Logan Library and Community Center

Creating Your New 21st Century Logan Library and Community Center

2020 New Logan LibraryOn August 18, 2020, the Logan City Council was presented with the attached plans for a new Logan Library. Mayor Holly Daines and Library Director Karen Clark both remarked on this presentation.

Mayor Daines had the following remarks:

"Good evening. I'd like to ask Karen Clark, our Library Director to join me. There have been discussions for many years about a new Library and Community Center for Logan. Things have been quiet as we continued to explore options, and tonight we will present our recommendations to tear down the existing library and rebuild on the site, and offer a proposed financial plan to move forward to begin design and construct the new building." More...

 Library Director Karen Clark's remarks:

"The Logan Library Board and staff are in favor of the location and plan for the new library. This location has served our patrons well for over 30 years. It is central to many places in Logan and is located in the heart of Logan. We are happy to welcome over 700 visitors per day to our library with many meetings going on. The library is a Community Center providing a place for all to be welcome." More...

 The council will be scheduling a public hearing in the future to provide direction on whether they would like to move ahead with this plan.

2020 New Library Presentation

Remarks from Mayor Daines and Library Director Clark


Logan Library Cost Estimate - 2018
Final cost estimate for the space needs recommendations with building estimates from the construction company, preliminary site drawings, and comparative photographs.
Logan Library Facility Needs Assessment Final Report - December 2017
This study outlines the service components needed by Logan residents now and in the future in a revitalized new library and community center.
Logan City Library/Community Center Final Report - September 2017
Finding the Contemporary Community Library final report and site recommendations
Library Site Meeting - August 17, 2017
Presentation from architects and design team evaluating three possible sites for a new library.
Analysis of Current Building - July 2017
The analysis of the existing library facility by Design West Architects.

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