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Teen Tuesdays

Looking for something fun to do after school? Then join us for Teen Tuesdays. We'll have a fun activity for middle school and high school students every Tuesday during the school year. We meet at 4:00 in the Library's Jim Bridger Room.

1st Tuesday: So Crafty!

If you like to create things or show off your artistic skills, this activity is for you. On the first Tuesday of each month we'll make a different craft. Some months we'll recycle cereal boxes into pencil cases. Other months we'll make wallets out of duct tape. Every month we'll have fun, and you'll get a creation to take home.

2nd Tuesday: So Bored!

"If you're not prepared to lose your friends over a board game...you're not playing hard enough" - Unknown
Come lose your friends...er...have fun?...at bored game day. The Logan Library owns some of the best board games ever invented. Lose a friend or two...ummmm...make lots of friends and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!


We've got game! Do YOU?, Whether it be Smashbros. Brawl, Minecraft, or Just Dance get your game on! The Logan Library has the Nintendo Wii, XBOX360 and PS3 console going the whole hour. Come excercise your thumbs and your skills and test your game against your friends. CONSIDER YOURSELF CHALLENGED!

4th Tuesday: Lights, Camera, Anime!

Kick back, relax, and enjoy some Japanese animation. We'll feature a different anime series the fourth Tuesday of the month. Feel free to bring snacks. Note: all of the anime that we will be showing is rated TVPG.


On those rare occasions when there are five tuesdays in a month, we'll roll the dice of fate to discover what we will do. Will it be bored games?...crafts?...video games?...OR somehing comepletely different. Come take a chance and learn your fate. Low risk, HIGH reward.