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by Suzanne Collins

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The Hunger Games is about a future world in which North America is divided up into sectors, each producing its own goods. The future North America is ruled by a greedy government, and everyone else lives in poverty while the government is takes all the money. Every year, each sector draws two names, a boy and a girl, to enter a competition called the "Hunger Games." The winner of the game gets fame, fortune, and is treated like a king, but the game is highly risky. The objective of the game is a hide-and-seek type of thriller where the winner is the last one standing. You guessed it, the last person not dead is the winner. The main character in this story is Katniss. Read this book to find out who is left at the end. I strongly recommend this book. 5 stars!
Reviewed by sabortooth1
My baby sitter recomened it to me-and i needed a book to read- so i went out and bought it. I started off reading it and only a little bit through i thought it was my kind of book and it wasnt very good. But i didnt have anything else to read so i cared on reading. Im so glad i did because when you get into it more i realised it was an amazing book. The story is really goood and i cant wait for the next one!
Reviewed by Abbbabb