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DateMay 29 2016
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5 Canine Tales
book cover for listenDogs have been called Man's Best Friend, and stories about dogs make great books. If you love your furry friends, read these young adult canine tales.

Dogsong by Gary Paulsen
An arduous dogsled trek across the frozen Alaska wilderness becomes a journey of self-discovery for 14-year-old Russel Susskit.
Listen by Stephanie S. Tolan
During her solitary convalescence from a crippling accident, twelve-year-old Charley finds a wild dog, and the arduous process of training him leads her to explore her feelings about her mother's death two years earlier.
Skin Deep by Crane
When sixteen-year-old Andrea Anderson begins caring for a sick neighbor's dog, she learns a lot about life, death, pottery, friendship, hope, and love.
Straydog by Kathe Koja
Rachel, a teenager with a healthy dose of both aptitude and attitude, begins to feel at home volunteering at an animal shelter.
Stripes of the Sidestep Wolf by Sonya Hartnett
Satchel O'Rye, devoted son of an impoverished couple in a dying rural town, must weigh in balance the life of his most cherished dog and the freedom of a mysterious rare animal.