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DateMay 31 2016
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And The Six Word Winners Are . . .
Congratulations to the winners of the Say it in Six! Win Big! six-word story contest. The writers of the following stories each received an MP3 player as a prize for submitting the winning stories:

-The sun set over Death's victory.
-Missing: kilt and motorboat without anchor.

With so many creative and entertaining stories submitted, it was tough to pick a winner. So we're giving everyone an honorable mention. Here are all the other stories that were submitted for the contest.

-She said no; he said yes.
-Loving life. Always ready for more.
-Next year we'll ride wild horses.
-This story is six words long.
-We kiss under a full moon.
-We capsize in this ferocious storm.
-Seasons change even without us knowing.
-Mermaids: they're not hard to find.
-He asked, she came. And nothing.
-Don't you dare drool on me.
-What about the birds and bees?
-What ABOUT birds and bees, Mommy?
-Optimist or pessimist: only half full.
-Grandma, why did you leave me?
-Life is only a dream away.
-I love to chat on Gmail.
-I love Dog's,and my Family.
-Bright light, aroma filled, fun Fair!