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Gale's Literary Index FAQ

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What is Gale's Literary Index?

The Logan Library has a large collection of books that discuss authors and their works. Some of these books such as Contemporary Literary Criticism and Something About the Author have many volumes. Gale's Literary Index searches all of these to let you know which volume of which book has information about the author or title you are researching.

How do I Access Gale's Literary Index?

Go to the Logan Library's Gale's Literary Index subscription.

Who Should Use Gale's Literary Index?

You might find Gale's Literary Index useful if you are looking for:

What Books Does Gale's Literary Index Search?

Gale's Literary Index can help you find author or book information in the following titles owned by the Logan Library:

Can I Use Gale's Literary Index from Home?

Yes. There is no login required.

How Can I Get More Help with Gale's Literary Index?

Click the Help button on the left side of the screen, or Ask a Librarian.

What Other Databases Should I try?

If you are interested in Gale's Literary Index, you might find the following databases useful:

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