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World Vital Records FAQ

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What is World Vital Records?

World Vital Records has family history, genealogy information and genealogy research training. Learn more about your family history and genealogy by searching through more than 1 billion records, including vital records.

How do I Access World Vital Records?

Go to the Logan Library's World Vital Records subscription.

Who Should Use World Vital Records?

Anyone completing genealogical research.

What Subjects Does World Vital Records Cover?

World Vital Records contains documents useful for completing genealogical research. Some types of sources include:

Can I Use World Vital Records from Home?

No. Our license agreement with the providers of World Vital Records only permits use within the library.

How Can I Get More Help with World Vital Records?

Click the Help link in the upper right corner of the screen, or Ask a Librarian.

What Other Databases Should I try?

If you are interested in World Vital Records, you might find the following databases useful:

Ancestry Library Edition
Contains a wealth of genealogical data, with a focus on the United States. Access in the Library Only.
Resources for genealogical research including census records, books and periodicals, revolutionary war records, and Freedman's bank records
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NetLibrary eBooks
Electronic books on a variety of subjects including genealogy.
Articles from national and international newspapers. Includes obituaries from some newspapers.
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