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City of Logan Poet Laureate

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City of Logan Poet Laureate

The City of Logan is pleased to announce it will be designating its next City of Logan Poet Laureate.

The City of Logan Poet Laureate will serve as the official ambassador of literary culture, using his or her position as a platform from which to promote the transformative qualities of poetry and the written word through all parts of the community.


The objectives of the City of Logan Poet Laureate Program are to:

Selection Process

Nominations open April 8, 2019, and close at 5 pm on April 30, 2019.

Both nominations and self-nominations will be considered for the honorary post of Logan Poet Laureate.


The Logan Poet Laureate will receive an annual grant of $2000 upon completion of duties for the year.

Eligibility Criteria

The Poet Laureate must:


The Poet Laureate will:


Each nominee must provide the following four documents in their application packet.

  1. An application cover sheet of personal/contact information that includes (printable form):
    1. Full legal name of person being nominated
    2. Professional name (if different)
    3. Proof that the nominee lives or works in Logan
    4. Primary address
    5. Contact phone numbers
    6. Contact email address
    7. Certification statement and signature. Please copy the following certification clause onto the bottom of the cover page and sign after the certification language in ink:

      Certification - I certify that the information contained in this nomination/application, including all attachments and supporting materials, is true and correct. I understand that if awarded a grant I would be financially, administratively, and programmatically responsible for all aspects of the services including proper documentation, invoicing and reporting. Furthermore, I understand that the City of Logan maintains the right to cancel this program opportunity for any reason prior to offering program contracts.
  2. A letter of nomination that addresses the following:
    1. Why the nominee should be Logan's Poet Laureate.
    2. How the nominee would perform as Logan's Poet Laureate based on the position description and the mission and goals of the program.
    3. A description of the nominee's demonstrated accomplishments and qualifications.
    4. A description of the nominee's understanding and appreciation for Logan's cultural, political, economic and geographical diversity, and how this might be described in poetic form.
  3. A current resume of professional activities and achievements, including significant awards and training, selected exhibition, performances, presentations and/or publications. Please note any website address.
  4. Up to 10 pages of poetry that includes on each page the title of the poem and the nominee's name.

Nominations are open from April 8, 2019 to 5 pm on April 30, 2019.

To nominate yourself or someone else, please send all required documents as attachments in MS Word or PDF format to libstaff@loganutah.org with the subject of City of Logan Poet Laureate.