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Thursday, 26
2017 The Reading List Winners Announced
The Reading List Council has announced the 2017 selections of The Reading List, an annual best-of list comprised of eight different fiction genres for adult readers. A shortlist of honor titles, up to 4 per genre was also announced.

The 2017 selections are:

Genre: Adrenaline
Winner: Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz

Evan Smoak was trained from childhood to be a lethal, efficient assassin, and provided with the skills and equipment to survive a variety of difficult missions. He was the best at what he did-until he used his skills to escape from the program. Now someone from his past has tracked him down, and Evan must figure out who is after him and what they want before it's too late.
Genre: Fantasy
Winner: Stiletto: A Novel by Daniel O'Malley

Magical agents prop up the English government, while their bio-engineered foes prosper in Europe's Low Countries. A fragile truce may revert to war unless two unlikely young women can put aside their initial enmity and find the source of a series of bizarre attacks. Secret organizations, messy splatter, and British humor hallmark this imaginative novel.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Winner: The Last Days of Night: A Novel by Graham Moore

In 1888 an inexperienced yet capable lawyer finds himself defending George Westinghouse in a patent lawsuit against Thomas Edison. The competitive Westinghouse and arrogant Edison each fight for control of electrical current, and to sway the genius Nikola Tesla to their side. Rich historical and technical details illuminate this swiftly paced novel.
Genre: Mystery
Winner: Darktown by Thomas Mullen

In 1948 Atlanta, two of the city's first African-American cops try to unravel the murder of a young black woman, all while battling racist police, an ambivalent black community and a society built on their oppression. A powerful historical police procedural that holds an unflinching mirror to modern truths.
Genre: Romance
Winner: Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins

Eddy, a forthright African-American woman, suffers one more hard knock when she finds herself stranded in Nevada and beholden to Rhine, a successful businessman passing as white. Eddy has always dreamed of California, but finds herself pulled in by the welcoming community and drawn to Rhine, despite the danger he poses.
Genre: Women's Fiction
Winner: I Almost Forgot about You by Terry McMillan

As she approaches her fiftieth birthday, Dr. Georgia Young's life is smooth sailing on the surface. When she learns about an old flame's death, a desire for more than the status quo is sparked within her. With the support and encouragement of her family and friends, she revisits her past lovers and seeks out her future.
See the complete list and the lists of honor titles

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Monday, 23
Taste of Sundance
In case you can't get to the actual Sundance Film Festival, we are offering our own Taste of Sundance. We will be showing the feature film, Brooklyn which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015.

Wednesday, January 25th
Show Times:
  • 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm
  • Jim Bridger Room

    Set in 1951 and 1952, the film tells the story of a young Irish woman's immigration to Brooklyn, where she quickly falls into a romance. When her past catches up with her she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within them for her.

    Engage in discussion about the film afterwards and enjoy light refreshments.

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    Friday, 20
    Bookmark: A Newsletter of the Logan Library
    The new year is bringing in new adventures to the Logan Library.

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    Our first issue of Bookmark: A Newsletter of the Logan Library

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    Thank you for your support of the Logan Library! We hope 2017 is a year full of great reads, good movies, enriching programs and lots of fun!

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