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Our Library - Our Future: Public Meetings

In order to plan for our new Logan Library we will be holding a series of public and community meetings beginning January 17, 2008 to gather the “Hopes and Dreams” of YOU, our citizens. We need your help and ask you to join us and participate in these meetings as the voice of our community. All ages are invited to give input at these meetings.

General Public Meetings

Citizens of all ages are encouraged to participate and share their vision about our new library. These meetings will be held in the City Council chambers.

Storytime - Parents and Kids

Parents and kids can give their input about shaping our new library before and during Storytime. These meetings will be held at the Logan Library.


Join us after school in the Logan Library Archive room to share your vision for our new library.


Meet in the Logan Library Archive Room to share your thoughts about the new library.

Business Community

All business owners are welcome to meet in the Logan Library Archive Room to give their input about our new library.

Book Clubs

For members of any type of book club to give input about the new library. Meet in the Logan Library Archive Room

Meetings for other special interest groups will be scheduled on an individual basis. If you have a group that would be interested in a special meeting, please contact Ronald Jenkins, Logan Library Director at 716-9130.