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Creating Your New 21st Century Logan Library and Community Center

"Modern libraries are centers of community. They are gathering places that promote democracy, fellowship, and discovery.

Modern libraries promote knowledge creation rather than knowledge consumption. Unlike the library services of the past where the focus was on distributing materials, the modern library is a place where patrons engage with information- process it, reflect on it, discuss it, and develop new ideas and opportunities as a result of it.

Modern libraries provide open, inspiring, and versatile learning environments that offer new ways to interact with, create, and share information. They are places that embrace all people and invite innovation and lifelong learning.

As we weigh the question of a Logan Library and Community Center, let us first look at what a 21st Century Library includes."

Logan City Library/Community Center Report

Logan Library Cost Estimate
Final cost estimate for the space needs recommendations with building estimate from construction company, preliminary site drawings and comparitive photographs.
Logan Library Facility Needs Assessment Final Report - December 2017
This study outlines the service components needed by Logan residents now and in the future in a revitalized new library and community center.
Logan City Library/Community Center Final Report - September 2017
Finding the Contemporary Community Library final report and site recommendations
Library Site Meeting - August 17, 2017
Presentation from architects and design team evaluating three possible sites for a new library.
Analysis of Current Building - July 2017
The analysis of the existing library facility by Design West Architects.
Comment Form
Let us know what you would like to see in a new library.
Comments and Ideas
A summary of the input we've received at public meetings and on comment forms collected in the library and on our website.
Library Value Calculator
Calculate how much you would pay out-of-pocket for your library services.
Answers to frequently asked questions about the new Logan Library.