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Creating Your New 21st Century Logan Library and Community Center: Comments From the Public 2017

The City of Logan and the Logan Library Board are interested in hearing from the community about your hopes and dreams for a new library.

These are the 2017 results of the survey that the public has submitted about what programs, materials, and services they are interested in to make the library better. See comments from 2014 - 2016


What programs and services should the Library feature?

Programs/Services comments from 2017

  • I love activities that are hands on for my kids. i think it would be cool if eaxh week there was a community member teaching a class on some topic like sewing, healthy eating, writing, or stuff like that :)

  • a modern website with all the books available with books that can be brought in as well.

  • We are a homeschool family, and I know there are alot of HS'ers in this area that would love to take advantage of using the library or what programs you could offer. Also my daughter is special needs a past library we had always had books sitting on top of the shelves and 9 times out of 10 those are the ones she took. She gets overwhelmed, and many children just do I suspect looking at the edges of books. It makes it more inviting. The same library also did not charge late fees, they felt getting people to use the library over a late charge was more important.

  • Community events

  • Children, youth, and teen activities and spaces for interaction, study, and learning. Currently the mid-age there does not really have a place where they feel like they fit. Quiet workrooms and study rooms where individuals and groups can focus and work, talk and synergize. Family oriented opportunities to gather and engage together. That happens so well now and I hope it continues. Potentially a more open maker-type space that people know they are invited to utilize. Teleconferencing space.

  • Books! Lots and lots of them! Mixed in with the books we need wonderful and comfortable and quiet spaces to sit and enjoy them. There are spaces like that in the current library, but most of the seating is at the edges and not as by the books. A youth area! This is not for little kids or teens. This is for that glorious age of child that has learned to love books, is old enough to sit and enjoy one for hours at a time (given the chance), is not at the library to have a parent read them a picture book but rather to immerse themselves in wonderful literature, and who is not a noisy rowdy teenager that came to the library to chat and play computer games. It might also be nice to have a space for them to use computers for homework or learning games (not the type of games the teens play in their area of the current library) targeted to older children/preteens rather than the children's games currently available. I LOVE the children's area and the teen area that is there now, and would love to see such an area targeted at this middle age of young people. I LOVE how open the children's area is now so that parents can see their kids all throughout that area. The short shelves in as much of that area as possible is a huge blessing! My kids' favorite places in the whole library is the big bed style book couch because we can lay there together and read. I would love similar - and possibly a couple of them - spaces in the future library.

  • Books! The focus of a library should always be giving citizens access to every kind of book! Computers/ technology should be second (at best) to books :-) I love to see Multi-cultural events and enriching/informational speakers present in libraries as well.

  • Here is what I like and use in the current library that I would like to see remain in place: Self checkout stations for people who just need to check out books and don't need other face to face services. Being able to place books on hold online and then coming in to pick them up a few days later after they have been pulled from the shelf by a librarian. I like the ongoing book sale area and I buy a few things from time to time. I like the meeting rooms available for community use. My family has attended the children's story time and the LEGO club and the community fair and would like all of them to remain.

  • Covered drive-through drop off, especially with the parking lot being half a block away and down the hill. People and books need drive-up access in all weather. Perhaps even consider a drive-through window for picking up reserved materials.

  • Providing resources for those new to the area. Or providing opportunities for newer residents to connect with others. Preschool storytime is fantastic, and I love that it is offered 5 times a week, however the registration for it put us off for the first couple months we lived here. It's nice to just be able to show up, especially if you're new and intimidated by crowds. (I also realize we probably could have just shown up and been a visitor or got registered, but being new and unsure how crowded it would be, once again it's a little intimidating). More summer programming/storytimes are a must! The few times our schedule allowed us to attend, we were overwhelmed by the number of children and parents there. Do more programs outside the physical library. Storytime in a park or at the mall. Try to capture a new audience. I would also like more on local history. Programs about early Logan, or past residents, etc. More online exhibits that are easily accessible. I would like to see the library open a little earlier in the morning, at least one or two days a week. Some people need services the library provides (printing, internet, etc.) and it would be nice to be able to stop by at 8 am on occasion. Book sales more often! More accessible book clubs and adult reading groups.

  • better updates on new and incoming bks, etc. Maybe clean discs when they are returned as I have got several that are filthy.

  • I would love it if they continue the activities for kids!

  • A smart phone app for Android/iPhone, or a more mobile friendly site

  • Children's programs at the Logan library are fantastic and should continue to be a feature. It's so important for children to get excited about reading and equally useful to parents to have a place to take their children once a week or so to get out of the house in winter and have a welcome place to be. I do not think the children's area should take over the library like it feels in North Logan. If there is a play area, please contain the noise in a glassed-off room or by sectioning off the library. It will make parents a little less stressed and patrons who want quiet less annoyed. I don't mean to create a room where there can be chaos, so please work to prevent that as well. Also, I really hope you don't get rid of your amazing collection of hard copy books/audiobooks. I love a library that has physical resources. I hope that you take into account that everyone learn differently and prefers different types of media. Electronic is very popular right now, but that may be very shortsighted as I have found that I am encouraged to read more by being surrounded by books on a similar topic at the library, not so much by clicking through a website search engine.

  • 3d printer, maker space, toddler tinker zone, story time, song time, movie days, after school activities, late fee forgiveness for volunteer work, adult technology classes, silhouette cutting machine, laminator that we can use ourself for a small fee, large poster printer for a fee. Maker space classes. A section for kids to have pretend play, with farm, store and kitchen. Book making class for kids. Robotics class. Genre specific book clubs especially paranormal romance and fantasy series. Hold release night parties and sell that book being released, maybe the party is free with purchase of book. Stay open later, be open on Sunday! Coding classes and activities for young kids and teens. Art classes and activities.

  • Community gathering spaces. Spaces for public readings and lectures. Weekend and after-school programs for kids. Maybe a cafe.

  • Community group meeting space, book events for kids (readings, sales, etc.), readings and open art/museum exhibits, an open reading room with recent issues of magazines and journals, casual gathering spaces (like a lounge, cafe, outdoor tables and chairs--places where people visiting downtown could stop just to talk or relax or get cocoa or coffee and a snack).

  • Meeting and work rooms available by reservation and first come, good wifi, movie screenings, art events for children and adults, rotating exhibits from regional museums, educational seminars / guest speakers, coffee bar, Native American history exhibits

  • I love the programming for kids, particularly story time and Spanish story time. I would love to see a more expansive kids collection (I know, those books are "loved" the most!), and maybe a physical activity area, where kids could play while parents are collecting books nearby. I would also love to see more community activities--maybe a knitting club, book clubs for different interests, book clubs for different age groups, writing or poetry classes, intro to computers for seniors, workshop on MS Word/Excel/Photoshop, etc. I volunteered at an English tutoring program through the library in Amherst MA, and loved it: https://www.joneslibrary.org/248/ESL-Citizenship I also love the idea of a public gathering space. I think a cafe would help, as would regular food truck visits, maybe a small performance hall for live music?

  • More programs for chronically ill and disabled people.

  • Meeting space for community groups and small conferences.

  • Youth reading programs

  • After school programs; reading clubs, coffee shop/cafe; kids music time/class; storybook time for kids; art classes; open indoor and outdoor community work spaces; reserve-able meeting/conference rooms (for study groups or perhaps profession conferences); hands on discovery center for children (STEM); code classes or workstations for children and adults

  • Youth services. Teen Services. Rooms for events (public readings and others. Maybe a theater?). A maker space would be amazing.

  • A story time for kids, guest speakers

  • Community activities

  • The library should have large meeting rooms far enough away from the main library so the noise doesn't disturb other patrons; and/or soundproof. Individual study spaces would be nice. Preferably in a quiet corner of the library. With electrical outlets!

  • I would love to see large and small flexible rooms that are available for both community/library programming and patron check-out--similar to the group study rooms found at the Merrill-Cazier Library at USU; How about a classroom space (once again, for both library and community programming); It might be fun and interesting to have a cooking area where USU extension or others could offer programming; dedicated teen/tween space--tween space would be especially important if the VI site is chosen. Outside space integrated with an inside room. Gallery space for exhibition? Bike corral area with bike tools? Outdoor programming area.

  • They should focus on having a large collection of materials, much less of activities.


Tell us how to improve the Library’s collection and resources. What are your particular needs for books, DVDs, CDs, computers, databases, other materials, and resources. Please share your particular needs.

Collections/Materials/Technology comments from 2017

  • More cd audio books :)

  • As a disabled patron having to walk up the hill, unless handicapped is readily available at the new location we might have to do more reservation and pickups which is unfortunate as we utilize the library a few times a month. Someone had mentioned a drivethrough to pick up materials, this really maybe a needed option for local patrons who are handicapped.

  • More kindle books, "How to" software classes such ass excel, access, R.

  • With a Portuguese dual language immersion program, I would love to see the library involve more books in that language to help support those students and families. There are also similar programs in Spanish in the Logan district as well as French, Chinese, and soon to be German in the county schools - which serve some of the students in Logan itself. There are some wonderful Spanish offerings already at the library and I would like to see a bit more of a reach in offering some other languages in a variety of reading levels. Access to use computers and the internet is a vital thing for many families that do not have such at home. This is particularly true for many of the students who now have much of their work required on the web. I would love to see some quiet spaces for computer use that really fosters learning. I think that is offered currently, but would love to see what a future design of such spaces could look like - particularly related to various age groups. Good wifi and perhaps an area where there is presentation space available with projector and sound to connect to a computer.

  • More inviting access to the special collections in the library. I would love to have some community lectures or something to help open the treasures of those collections to the public.

  • Books for my family. I don't really love having kids computers with games. It takes the focus off reading and being excited about new books when they just want to beeline to the computers first thing when we enter the library. Nearly all kids get plenty of "educational" screen time at school and home. Keep the emphasis on books at the library!

  • Currently at the library, we use the following materials/technology on a regular basis (once a week to once a month) and would like them to be in the new library: children's computer stations, computers with catalog access near the stacks, adult non fiction (cookbooks, gardening, how-to's especially), children's picture books and chapter books and non-fiction. We occasionally check out DVDs or CDs or adult fiction.

  • I would love a history museum and/or collection better associated with the library. It is so sad that Logan doesn't have any sort of local history museum (the DUP museum, while a good resource, is not the same thing as a Logan history museum). I would love an easier & more consolidated way to research local history (i.e. a specific house or building or person). Create a more concise guide to all the local history related collections (USU special collections, Hyrum Museum, UofU library, etc.). Create how-tos to teach visitors how to research their own houses or families or just any local interest they have. Expand the local history offerings. Create small/temporary exhibits using the wonderful photos and maps and records the library holds. Partner with special collections at USU or other Cache Valley and Utah sites and museums to do a collaborative exhibit that is more encompassing and maybe has artifacts as well as photos. More copies of newer releases. Greater expansion of audiobooks, especially nonfiction (or easier way to borrow digital audiobooks--maybe a player guests could check out).

  • The main reason I wanted to leave a comment comes down to the books in the young readers section. Currently they are sorted by last name, and that seems like a lot of unnecessary work considering the age group and the volume of books that are checked out and need to be returned to this area. I lived on a military base in Japan for the last 3 years and they have an exceptional library. I loved that in the children's section the books were just sorted by the first letter of the authors last name. The reason this is helpful is because it is really easy for children to help return books to the shelves when they pull them off, but my main reason is that it gave my son and I a service opportunity and he could help me sort the books and "give back" to the library. At the ages of 3-5 they are very few community activities that children can be involved and feel helpful, this seems like a great start and you could even create a "volunteer" program for helping these books return to the correct shelf. I should add that on each spine there was also a small picture label that indicated if it was a "holiday" book. Currently at the library these books are sorted into a separate area, and that is really useful. But I just wanted to mention that it can also work with the A-Z method with a sticker included to help children/parents scan the shelves for that holiday book they want.

  • Please include plenty of books not just ebooks and audio. I still love to curl up with a book.

  • More adult fantasy series, more kindle books, more paranormal, urban fantasy and romance books. Grant searching databases for local PTAs and schools to find grants.

  • Computer access for community members that don't have a personal computer. DVD documentary series like Plane Earth. A handful of key print daily newspapers like the Herald Journal, Salt Lake Tribune, and New York Times.

  • For me, the opportunity to read serial publications (newspapers, magazines, journals) that I can't afford (either in money or space) to subscribe to myself would be ideal. A big open reading room, where I could get a cup of coffee and read the New Yorker or Forbes or Time or something. Give us a hub for "real" news--a welcoming gathering space where reliable information on current events is abundant and appealingly presented. Maybe even a curated "want to learn more?" section, where readers could be directed to history resources that inform current events!

  • Not much need for DVDs or CDs of currently popular media that would be available on Netflix, Amazon, or elsewhere, but the library could do a service by providing more hard to find materials and local collections.

  • I am willing to read e-books, but I often have to wait several weeks, and then by the time I get it, I am not interested or don't have the time to read it any more. Shorter waits, or more copies would be good. I also love the free ILL. This makes up for a lot!

  • I like the current resources, but faster computers withhigh speed internet would be great.

  • Great selection of fiction books

  • More electronic resources that can be remotely reserved; more hands on items that can be reserved for children (learning toys etc)

  • increase and improve ebooks, audio books. Maybe electronic check out of movies (I don't know if that's possible). Emagazines.

  • More digital books!

  • The library has done an amazing job ordering new books when I have sent them a request. Thank you!

  • I think the online library is a great resource. It would be nice to not have to wait for online books, if possible. Also, expanding the collection of books on CD might be nice.

  • I'm all about the technology, but am fortunate enough to have access to the technology I need at home and at work. My primary use of the library is for print books.

  • Increase the availability of e-books. Having to wait weeks or months for a digital copy doesn't make any sense and encourages piracy, which is easy and fast.


How should the new library look and feel? What architectural features will help the building respond to changing community needs?

Design comments from 2017

  • An enclosed family room where parents can bring their children to play while they work on homework or work projects without having to worry about their children going out of their sight.

  • I would love an area for my kids to kinda play like the slide the N logan library has or the tree to climb on in the salt lake library or the steps and play area in the brigham city library and also quiet corners or nook like rooms I can take them to read

  • open feel. lots of natural light and windows. modern design.

  • Definitely open, but keeping in mind that everyone with many different abilities will be using it. Autism/Sensory Processing is difficult in overstimulating environments. A childrens area with educational toys, computers, puzzles, lots of hands on activities maybe the only encounters for young minds. The teens need their spots as well as the college set and adults. Small rooms possibly for college students, or really anyone to study in were available in a past library and checked out with a time limit. Or quiet areas within the library to do that with small tables or comfy chairs.

  • A very open floorplan.

  • Welcoming, light, and open. Inviting, inspiring, and invigorating.

  • Parking close enough to not fell like you have to drag books and/or kids forever just to get inside! Big windows and plenty of light.

  • I would love to see the new library's design reflect the historic downtown logan feel especially on the exterior. I envision beautiful brickwork and architecture that fits in with the surrounding historic buildings and homes. (The new Cache Valley Bank on main street has done a wonderful job of this in their renovation) If the new library will be build near the old mill/river it would be nice to include some of this history and nature in the final design and landscaping. PLEASE don't make the new library look anything like the AG science building on USU or the Courhouse on 100E. :-(

  • There needs to be several meeting rooms of various sizes, and some spaces that are reserve able for anyone in the community to hold a meeting. There should be connection with nature, either with big windows to enjoy views, or an atruim or courtyard with plantings, trees, fountain, etc. I would like a children's area that is separate from other adult areas of the library. I would prefer if in the children's area the focus was not on technology/computer stations, but on the books. I would like to see the computers on the periphery, or on the back wall, not up front and center. Also in the children's areas I think bench seats/window seats would be nice for the kids of all sizes to sit on when reading. I enjoy the displays in the display cabinets next to the checkout desk. It gives me and my kids something interesting to look at while I wait in line. I would like to see similar display space near checkout area in the new building. I really like the shelves in the children's area and near the checkout counter with the New Arrivals. I find lots of good books there. I would like to see an area where there could be the rotation of art on display. I currently don't use the library as a study space or reading space. I prefer reading at home. But someday my kids will, so I think having quiet study and reading areas for teens and adults is important.

  • Maximize natural light, consider including solar and even geothermal heating which is more expensive to build but reportedly pays off down the road when utility prices will only continue to climb. Look to Crumb Brother's Bakery & Cafe as role model, also for the emphasis on native plant landscaping.

  • I worked at the Preston Library for about 2 years. I remember wanting to read every book there, and I think it may come down to atmosphere. There were high large windows, comfy chairs, and bright high ceilings with skylights. The current Logan library is a bit dim. It's not very inviting or "homey." If I could offer at least one suggestion: big large windows and lots and lots of natural lighting, maybe even skylights if it's in the budget.

  • A courtyard/plaza outside of the dedicated library area where people can mingle, hang out, maybe even an indoor plaza space to have a coffee and read a book. If the library were to stay where it is (same location but new building), you could create a giant entrance plaza between Main Street and the city buildings in the rear and it would provide two street entrances, with a central library entrance in the middle (similar to Salt Lake City's downtown design). This could give people a place to congregate, hang out, meet up for playdates/storytime/etc., read a book, enjoy the space. I also feel the library should have a lot of multi-use space. A place where exhibitions can be on display (either in-house or traveling or through partner institutions). Maybe even a section to have an event space that can host receptions. Lots of corners to sit and quietly read. Places for outdoor interpretation/programs.

  • QUIET.

  • I feel like the architects should definitely incorporate the ruins or parts of the ruins from the old Thatcher mill. The architects talked a lot about the need to preserve history and building on the old site I feel should incorporate some of the foundation and materials from the old mill. I believe there should be a water wheel as well somewhere as a visual reminder of the mill.

  • There's a need for more large meeting rooms. The windows of a new library should be bird-safe. The unique and wonderful outdoor green space/meeting space should be dedicated as part of the American Library Association Literary Landmark for Logan-born poet of world renown, May Swenson. The application and plaque cost has already been approved to be funded by the Friends of the Logan Library splitting the fee with the Logan Library. USU Professor Paul Crumbley provided the research documenting that May Swenson used the public library as she was growing up in Logan.

  • I like the idea of the library being broken up into different zones, much like it is now. I appreciate that there are quieter areas, areas for teens, areas for children. I do think the overall feel should still be one of quiet calm. To me, that is what is so special about going and sitting in a library.

  • Classic design, give the stacks a vintage old world library look. Make smaller technology rooms with adjustable walls so you can have the option of a big room. Have a birthday party area, charge people for bday parties and incorporate learning activities. I know I personally would rent this, especially if it was a reasonable cost and could fit an entire elementary class. Teen zone, with gaming systems and games, internet gaming area. Hold gaming competitions and e-sport competitions.

  • Large windows for natural lighting (the current library is too dark, with too many areas entirely lit by artificial light). Sitting areas for reading. Maybe rocking chairs. Some green space (maybe a small outdoor ampitheater).

  • It should be beautiful and match the tone/feel of downtown: slightly old-fashioned and yet modernized. Nothing too exceedingly modern, and yet not a false old-West style, either. Something welcoming, open, and walkable, with lots of bike parking and inviting places to sit.

  • Mix of large naturally lit open space with comfortable chairs and nooks and corners for more privacy. Well shaded atrium or public garden. An oasis in downtown.

  • - plenty of natural light - beautiful view from one (or more!) windows (mountains, tabernacle, etc.) - groups of chairs in large spaces to feel welcoming - functional workspaces (fast computers, large monitors, ergonomic chairs, plugs, etc.) - courtyard with lounge chairs for reading/contemplation and tables for gathering - small group reading area near childrens' books, so we can read with friends easily

  • Needs to be more open, easier to navigate and more comfortable. Seriously, more seating and quiet areas.

  • Depending on where it is (and I greatly prefer the old Emporium site), I think it should be a "new historic" look, like the renovated Cache Valley Bank.

  • Fell modern yet rustic since it's a mountain town

  • Open; simply; lots of natural light; lots of windows (perhaps looking in toward a

  • Logan is beautiful. I would hope the new library would have lots of natural light and views of outside when it's warm and welcoming rooms for when it's horrible outside. The more I think of it--a theater would really serve the community well.

  • Natural light, open areas with desks, comfortable sitting areas to read

  • Openness

  • Building the library as environmentally friendly as possible would benefit generations and generations to come.

  • An open layout is great, but when you're focused on a great book or studying for a test, it is important to have solitude.

  • Bring the outside in and showcase the interior through large windows so people will want to come in. I love the V1 site!

  • Modern but not showy. It's taxpayer money; it should be spend very carefully.

What other libraries have you seen that might serve as a model for us?


Other ideas?

Other comments from 2017

  • roof top garden.

  • A lot of art kids can get close to.

  • In looking at the current plans as I understand them I worry about parking. It appears that there is enough parking hopefully, but it is all quite removed from the library and there seems to be no overflow parking anywhere. There are times when even with both main parking areas and even the post office parking lot currently available, there can be nowhere to park and the new site is not as readily accessible by bus which will only exacerbate the problem. If you go to a library and the parking lot seems to say "go away," it becomes a much less building opportunity. Along those lines, I recommend having inviting parking for bikes as well as cars. There is rarely a day when the bike rack remains empty currently. But based on my observations, covered bike parking if it is difficult to use and/or not as close, will be ignored in favor of closer/easier to use bike parking. However, covered bike parking would surely be a kind thing to offer too. Because the library will no longer be right on main street or in the heart of town (which I am sad about BTW), I highly recommend adding signage on main street to direct to the library as well as seeking to work with CVTD to arrange a stop to be right by the new location.

  • They don't need a eatery because there are plenty of eating places nearby. I'd prefer the library doesn't compete with the downtown businesses. I'd prefer the library NOT be a center for entertainment.

  • I don't know if anyone mentioned the bike racks but I would like the bike racks (3) to be moved to the new library. This would be the two normal racks just at the NW corner of the building and then the larger one on the south side of the building near the Book/Media drop box where the bikes are parked perpendicular in the air. Thank you for including those who bike to the library.

  • One concern I have about building the library so near the highschool, is that it will be 'overrun' and trashed by highschool students or that library staff will have to 'babysit' or discipline students. What is the plan for keeping the library accessible and pleasant for everyone?

  • Let's consider the bus service needs, not just parking, in the location choice. Having a cafe isn't important to me, but if there is one, it should a locally owned entity (Hello Caffe Ibis!), not a chain (i.e.Starbucks) please! I'm not interested in any indoor play space for children. I feel like it was a fail a few years ago when that new soft furniture was put in the children's area and it turned into the "let your kids go crazy while you ignore them" area. I am totally in support of outdoor playspace. Also, I'm not totally sure why there are so many children's books on carts to be reshelved all the time- Is it a space problem or a time/workflow/staffing problem? Either way, I would like to see a solution to this in the new library, so books don't sit on carts for days/weeks before getting reshelved. Having the library open before 10am, at least some days, would be a plus.

  • An auditorium with folding padded seats with folding desks, a stage and catering kitchen adjoining a large flexible space for everything from the library Community Fair to luncheon meetings to yoga.

  • I know there are computers in the YA section that are pretty well hidden from view. Those kids get pretty rowdy back there, and I don't think it's good that you can't see what they're doing. I also know a lot of kids need a place to go after school and maybe away from home (the same thing happened when I worked at Larsen Saint Library) but I think all computers should be out in the open. There's less privacy to download questionable material and no room for noise. This comes from my own experience as a librarian when kids would come to play on computers, and we had them right by the desk where we could see them. It prevented a lot of weird and inappropriate stuff going on.

  • I have had 6 public libraries in the last 10 years all over the country. This is the first one in a very long time that is not part of a county-wide library system. It also has the worst catalog/searching I have encountered yet. The website could use a little bit of love, and the catalog system needs to be much more user-friendly. Latah County library http://www.latahlibrary.org/ Their catalog was amazing to use (valnet: https://catalog.valnet.bywatersolutions.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl)...very user friendly, and it allowed visitors to borrow materials from around 300 partner institutions across northern Idaho and southeastern Washington. Even without the borrowing from other institutions, a system like this would be very beneficial to the Logan Library! I have also noticed a lot of discrepancies between what the computer says is available and what is actually in the library, especially regarding holds. It is even more apparent with digital items accessed through overdrive. I would also love to be able to extend loans for library items that have holds and can't be traditionally renewed....so many times I've just needed an extra few hours to finish a book and the ability to extend my borrow by 2-3 days would be nice.

  • There is no need for a new library. Simply remodel the current one and have city and police employees park in their own lot. That would help the parking problem, which LOGAN CITY never seems to address. Instead of spending our money why not give back. several older people in the area are already having trouble paying utilities, etc. why burden them with more tax raises.

  • I don't know if any of you have recently walked the horrible halls of Logan High. My biggest fear with the new location is that it will end up being an extension of the high school. If that is the case that is definitely not somewhere I will want to take my little ones and I would never feel safe letting my special needs son go there on his own.

  • A room that has vinyl flooring and tables where you are allowed to eat or snack while studying/reading would be something nice to consider. This could even be a good concept for the lobby/entrance of the library. A bit more of a community study/lunch spot before entering into the library.

  • No restaurant--too expensive. No snacks--constant effort to keep out of the reading areas. A library is for gaining knowledge, study, literary entertainment and a place to meet!

  • would love to see the new library on 1st south. It could be such a beautiful spot and so unique. (also so close for me and many others. I think the high school would benefit from it also)

  • I know that location is still up for debate, but of all the locations that are in the running (last I heard), the 3rd N and Main location is currently the most blighted. Honestly, it's embarrassing to have that spot right in the middle of downtown (I live on 3rd N, and when I give out-of-town visitors directions to my house, I always tell them to turn before 3rd, so they don't think I live on a street of car dealerships and abandoned buildings). A great library, encouraging walkers, bikers, and drivers to stop in for a drink or snack, or just to explore, would be wonderful. Main street is the first view people have of Logan--it should look as good as possible. The Emporium space is already set up for multiple businesses, and would make a great place for small eateries, a pub or wine bar, or shops to browse. People are always saying they want to get more people spending time downtown, but what is there to do there?? Especially after dark--if the library could stay open late(ish), offering people a place to meet a friend or attend a public event, that would be ideal.

  • I prefer the central downtown cite, and I think it would be an unfair use of taxpayer money to use land from someone so closely connected to city offices as the Needhams.

  • Please place the new library at the old Emporium site. There is plenty of parking behind it, and it would bring much needed foot traffic downtown. Certain blocks of historic Main St. are making a comeback, and this would be a huge help. I hosted a small conference in downtown Logan, and the attendees loved being able to walk to restaurants and hotels, but there weren't any good spaces for holding the conference sessions.

  • I really think having it downtown brings foot traffic especially in he summer. My summer youth reading program in Idaho falls made me love the downtown businesses.

  • I love the idea of having the library right down town, centrally located for young and old to meet as well as be withing walking distance of shopping, food, etc. I think a new library downtown could draw a lot more business downtown if done right. I realize everything is at a cost, so this would play into the planning.

  • Keep all fiction alphabetized together, rather than by subgenre.

  • My one thought is that it is really nice to be able to take any bus to the transit center and then be able to walk to the library vs. transferring to a second bus if the library moved farther away from the transit center.

  • I like lot 1 of the potential locations. It seems like the obvious choice. The first option is convenient to access and would improve parking, and patrons would not have to fight the high school students for parking spaces.

  • If you decide on V1, I think a cafe is essential. Outsource that--don't make library staff spend time on food service issues. And make sure that the design takes into account the plumbing needs of the food service areas in relation to where the collection is located--e.g. no sinks or soda fountains over collection storage.

  • How about building a new library/community center where there's plenty of room and the most people can walk to events and program: Bridger Park! "the Bridger Bike Park, a proposed 1- to 2-acre facility near Bridger Elementary, the community gardens, future pickleball courts and multi-use soccer fields." http://news.hjnews.com/allaccess/logan-seeking-designs-for-potential-bmx-bike-park/article_bf5223a3-aa0a-56e1-91e8-98ab69c4fc81.html

  • Above all, it should be built on cheap real estate. There is no need to have it in prime real estate on main street.

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