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Quick Facts
Property tax rate, 2013: 0.012662
Sales tax rate, 2015: 6.60%
Cache County:
Average property tax rate, 2013: 0.011353
Average property tax per capita, 2012: $587
Sales tax rate, 2015: 6.30% - 6.60%
      EDCUTAH: Cache County Profile
      Utah Property Tax Annual Statistical Report
      Utah State Tax Commission

Tax Burden: Cache County
Fact Percent
Property tax as a percent of per capita income, 2012 2.01%
     Utah Property Tax Annual Statistical Report

Federal Income Taxes: Logan and Cache County, 2006
Fact Logan Cache County
Average federal income tax per household 4,194 4,492
Average number of federal income tax exemptions per household 2.56 2.89
      Utah State Tax Commission: Summary of 2006 Household Income for Logan
      Utah State Tax Commission: Summary of 2006 Household Income for Cache County

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