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Quick Facts
Mayor: H. Craig Petersen
Form of government: Mayor-Council, Nonpartisan
Cache County:
Executive: M. Lynn Lemon (R)
Form of government: Executive-Council, Partisan
County seat: Logan City

City of Logan
   H. Craig Petersen
Municipal Council
   Holly Daines
   S. Eugene Needham
   Herm Olsen
   Jeannie F. Simmonds
   Karl B. Ward
     City of Logan - Office of the Mayor
     Logan Municipal Council

Bear River Association of Governments (BRAG)
Governing Board
Box Elder County Cache County Rich County
   Roger Fridal, Tremonton     M. Lynn Lemon, Cache     Bill Cox, Rich
   Jeff Scott, Box Elder     H. Craig Petersen, Logan     Norman Weston, Rich
   Stan Summers, Box Elder     Val Potter, Cache     Sim Weston, Laketown
   Ryan Tingey, Box Elder     Darrell Simmons, Smithfield     Thomas J. Weston, Rich
   Tyler Vincent, Brigham     Cory Yeates, Cache     John Spuhler, Garden
Executive Director - Roger C. Jones
* BRAG is a voluntary organization of local governments created to facilitate intergovernmental cooperation and to insure the orderly and harmonious coordination of federal, state, and local programs for the solution of mutual problems of the region.
     Bear River Association of Goverments

Cache County
   M. Lynn Lemon (R)
   Craig W. Buttars (R)    North District
   Greg Merrill (R)    Logan Seat #3
   Val K. Potter (R)    Northeast District
   Kathy Robison (R)    Logan Seat #2
   Jon White (R)    South District
   Cory Yeates (R)    Logan Seat #1
   Gordon A. Zilles (R)    Southeast District
     Cache County Executive Office
     Cache County Council
Other Elected Officials
   Michael L. Gleed (R)    Recorder
   Kathleen C. Howell (R)    Assessor
   Karen A. Jeppesen (R)    Treasurer
   G. Lynn Nelson (R)    Sheriff
   Tamra Stones (R)    Auditor
   James Swink (R)    Attorney
   Jill N. Zollinger (R)    Clerk
     Cache County Elected Officials

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