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Quick Facts
Logan School District, 2014-2015:
Number of students: 5,965
Number of schools: 11
Graduation rate (2016): 84%
Cache School District, 2014-2015:
Number of students: 16,457
Number of schools: 30
Graduation rate (2016): 94%
Utah State University:
Fall enrollment, 2015-2016: 28,622
Average student age, 2015-2016: 23.2
Graduation rate, 2014: 44.8%
Utah State University, Class of 2016:
Number of degrees: 6,039
Gender of graduates - female: 2,853
Gender of graduates - male: 2,325
Annual undergraduate resident tuition/fees: $6,663
      Utah State Office of Education
      Utah State University at a Glance
      National Center for Education Statistics
      Utah State University, Office of Analysis, Assessment & Accrediation
      Utah State Board of Education - 2016 Graduation Rates

School Enrollment:
Logan and Cache County (October 2016)
  Logan Cache County
Kindergarten 510 1,256
Grade 1 502 1,316
Grade 2 486 1,287
Grade 3 458 1,321
Grade 4 484 1,305
Grade 5 392 1,274
Grade 6 435 1,402
Grade 7 443 1,282
Grade 8 399 1,399
Grade 9 450 1,198
Grade 10 401 1,283
Grade 11 403 1,161
Grade 12 413 1,079
Special Education 117 347
Total 5,900 16,827
     U.S. Census: American FactFinder
     Utah State Office of Education

Education Indicators:
Logan And Cache School Districts
Indicator Logan City
School District
Cache County
School District
Public School Expenditures per pupil 2015 $8,760 9,019
High School graduation rate 2016 84% 94%
Student-Teacher ratio 2015 20.77 24.18
     Utah School District Comparison 2014-2015
     Utah State Office of Education Graduation Rate
     Utah State Office of Education Class Size

Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) 2016
Subject Area Logan City
School District
Percent Proficient
Cache County
School District
Percent Proficient
Utah State
Language Arts 41.2% 56.1% 44.1%
Mathematics 45.2% 63.5% 46.5%
Science 47.5% 62.9% 48.7%
* SAGE is the comprehensive assessment system for Utah. SAGE is unique to Utah and is developed by Utah educators.
     Utah State Office of Education

Educational Attainment: Logan and Cache County (2014)
Grades Completed Logan Cache County
Less than 9 3.9% 2.8%
9 to 12 6.2% 4.7%
High School 18.9% 21.8%
Some College 27.2% 27.6%
Associate Degree 6.9% 7.3%
Bachelor's Degree 24.8% 23.6%
Graduate or professional degree 12.1% 12.2%
* Numbers represent the percent of the population age 25 years and over.
      U.S. Census: American FactFinder

Homeschool Students:
Logan And Cache School Districts, 2014
District Homeschool Students Number of Homeschool Students
per 1000 Public School students
Logan City School District 109 18.2
Cache County School District 264 16.5
     State of Utah Office of Education

Percent of Population That Speaks a Language
Other Than English at Home, 2014
Area Speaks a Language other than English Speaks English Less than Very Well
Logan 18.7% 7.9%
Cache County 13.5% 5.2%
     U.S Census: American FactFinder

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