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Facts and figures about Logan and the surrounding area

Quick Population Facts
Total population, 2010: 48,174
Households, 2010: 15,828
Average household size, 2010: 2.82
Median age, 2010: 24.2
Cache County:
Total population, 2010: 112,656
Households, 2010: 34,722
Average household size, 2010: 3.14
Median age, 2010: 25.5
      U.S. Census - American Factfinder
      U.S. Census - Population Estimates

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Quick Transportation Facts
Public transportation: Free bus service provided by CVTD
Miles of paved road, 2005: 135.13
Mean travel time to work, 2010: 14.5 minutes
Cache County:
Miles of paved road, 2006: 672.60
Mean travel time to work, 2010: 16.7 minutes
Workers commuting outside the county: 10.3%
      U.S. Census: American Factfinder
      Utah Department of Transportation: Mileage Report for B & C Road Distribution 01/17/2007
      Cache Valley Transit District
      Utah Economic and Business Review: May/June 2003

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Community Events
April 20, 2014

4:00PM Teen Tuesday: Game On!
5:30PM Logan Municipal Council Meeting
$7:30PM Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
$7:30PM Kuss Quartet with Jon Nakamatsu, piano

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