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Facts and figures about Logan and the surrounding area

Quick Population Facts
Total population, 2013: 49,856
Households, 2013: 16,466
Average household size, 2010: 2.82
Median age, 2012: 23.8
Cache County:
Total population, 2013: 116,742
Households, 2013: 36,048
Average household size, 2010: 3.14
Median age, 2013: 25.7
      EDCUtah: Cache County Profile
      U.S. Census - American Factfinder
      U.S. Census - Population Estimates

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Quick Government Facts
Mayor: H. Craig Petersen
Form of government: Mayor-Council, Nonpartisan
Cache County:
Executive: M. Lynn Lemon (R)
Form of government: Executive-Council, Partisan
County seat: Logan City

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Community Events
November 26, 2014

   10:00AM Book Signing - Richard Hatch
10:00AM Bridal Faire
$10:00AM Dew the Mountain Slalom Race at Beaver
10:00AM Family 1st Saturdays at the Museum
$12:00PM Hyrum State Park Winterfest
1:00PM Primerica Financial Workshop
$2:00PM Matinée Enchantée: Magic and Music at the Mansion
4:00PM OCD Support Group Meeting
6:00PM Moonlight Ski/Snowshoe in Franklin Basin
$7:00PM Dance for Life

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