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What Happened on Your Birthday?

Historical information about each day of the year.

dMarie Time Capsule
Enter your birthdate and get headlines, top songs, prices for household items, sports stories and more from the day you were born.
The History Channel - This Day in History
Enter your birthday and get a list of historical events that happened on that date.
Infoplease.com Learning Network: This Day in History
A daily almanac of historical events. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the date you're looking for.
Library of Congress: Today in History
Find a specific event, jump to a specific day, or browse the archive by month for historical items of interest.
New York Times Learning Center: On this Day
Highlights of what happened on this day in history, famous people who share this birthday. Click on "Go to a Previous Date" to get a list of links for each day of the year.
Scopes Systems Any Day in History
Historical events, births, deaths and other information for any day of the year.