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Astronomy Websites for Kids

Amazing Space: Online Explorations
Interesting and fun activities take you on a variety of space-related adventures.
Astronomy for Kids
Information on the Solar System, Planets, Sun, Moon, Meteorites, and more.
For Kids Only
Learn all about the Earth at this web site.
Imagine the Universe
From the High Energy Astrophysics Center at NASA, a page for kids age 14+ interested in astronomy.
Magic School Bus Coloring Book
Print out pages to color: Space Friz and Liz, Space Tour or others.
NASA Kids Club
There are numerous activities and games at this site, as well as information. One game allows people to calculate how much they would weigh on the other planets and the moon, and how old they would be on another planet where years might be much shorter or longer than they are on Earth. The activities include Space Art, games, coloring activities and jokes. Kids can join the NASA Club for Kids here.
Space Kids
There are numerous pictures of outer space at this site and an exploration guide for Mars, a tour of the Solar System and Space News for kids.
Space Place
From NASA, an excellent site loaded with word games, facts and other activities about Space.
Star Journey
A tour through the stars from National Geographic. Information on the Hubble Space Telescope, constellations and star charts are all located at this site.
Astronomy information and games for kids ages 5-12.