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Valley Landscape

Artist: Calvin Fletcher (1882-1963)

Biography: Born in Provo, Utah on June 24, 1882. Studied at Brigham Young University, the Pratt Institute, Art Institute of Chicago under Bror Julius Nordfeldt and Birger Sandzen; and at the California School of Fire Arts with Ralph Stackpole, Otic Oldfield, and Lee Randolph. While maintaining a residence in Logan, he was professor of art (1915-1952) at USAC. Created an artists-in-residence program there. His third wife, Irene Thompsen, raised a very large family and became a successful artist. Fletcher died in Logan on June 1, 1963.

Notes: From old public library, 90 N 100 E.

Description: Oil, 27x24, 1930

Location: Library

Valley Landscape