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by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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This wasn't a bad story. I loved how Dr. Watson was already gushing over Mary Morstan, as well as some of Holmes' highly quotable quotes and costumes and the Baker Street Irregulars. Oh, and there was a puppy (Toby). Puppies are always a good thing. However, I was a bit unsatisfied with the "love at first sight" nature of Dr. Watson's attraction to Mary Morstan, the criminal's utterly un-compelling motivation (he thinks he's suffered some great injustice when really he's just greedy and petty), and the final status of the "macguffin." Still, this is the first story to make me literally laugh out loud in very long time. (Holmes' last line about his cocaine.) ...And that has to count for something. PS - "The Sign of Three" episode of the BBC Sherlock was a much sweeter tale (although not really based on "The Sign of Four" at all - just a nod to it).
Reviewed by Mizanthropist