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by H.P. Lovecraft

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This story seems to be an experiment at how law enforcement might encounter Lovecraftian horrors. It seems strange that a man from Ireland would randomly want to move to New York to be a police officer. (It's also strange that Lovecraft doesn't seem to say anything racist about him considering this is Lovecraft and the time in American history when people were very racist against the Irish.) Next, it doesn't seem to make sense that the police would be so interested in that random old man (maybe a little interest, but not much). Also, there's mention of an Abrahamic monster - again, that's weird for Lovecraft. (He tends to make his own.) I like the ending, however. I also enjoyed that it mentioned the Yazidi Kurds (considering how much they've been in the news suffering under and fighting ISIL). I mean, sure, this is Lovecraft so he's racist towards them... but still, it was interesting that he would even know anything about them and would mention them back in that era. Overall, it's kind of average as a story.
Reviewed by Mizanthropist