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OverDrive FAQ

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What is OverDrive?

OverDrive is an online collection of ebooks, downloadable audio books, and downloadable videos.

How do I Access OverDrive?

Go to the Pioneer OverDrive website.

Who Should Use OverDrive?

Anyone who wants the convenience of downloading digital media and using it on their home computer or portable device.

Where Can I Find Help with How to Use My Portable Device and Overdrive?

Go to the Pioneer OverDrive website and click on My Help!

Can I Use OverDrive from Home?

Yes. You will need your Library Card number to download OverDrive materials to your home computer.

Can I Use OverDrive on Library Computers?

No. OverDrive items must be read, watched, or listened to on the computer to which they were originally downloaded. Therefore, they are not suitable for shared public computers such as library computers.

What are the software requirements for OverDrive?

Can I Play OverDrive Audio Books on Portable Devices?

Yes. The majority of our OverDrive Audio Books are in a secure WMA format. These are compatible with a wide range of portable devices, including portable music players, portable media centers, Pocket PCs, and even select smartphone devices. For more information, see the Device Resource Center. Note that the titles in the secure WMA format will not play on iPods or iPhones.

Selected OverDrive Audio Books are available in an MP3 format. These will play on most portable music player including iPods and iPhones.

Can I burn OverDrive Audio Books to a CD?

Some OverDrive Audio Books can be burned to a CD. The information for each title will tell you if it can be burned to a CD or not.

How do I Transfer an Audio Book to a Portable Device?

See the OverDrive Audio Book FAQ for information about transferring your audio book to a portable device.

How long can I checkout OverDrive titles?

ebooks and Mobipocket ebooks can be returned at anytime during the checkout period. Downloadable audio books and videos will automatically be turned in at the end of the checkout period and cannot be turned in early. Even though the title is returned and will no longer play after the end of the checkout period, the file remains on your computer and must be manually deleted.

How many OverDrive titles can I have checked out a time?

You can have up to five OverDrive items checked out at a time.

Can I place a hold on OverDrive titles?

Yes. Most OverDrive titles are limited to one user at a time. If the title you want to use is checked out, you may place a hold on it by clicking the Place Hold link. When the title is turned it, you will receive an email notifying you that it is available.

How Can I Get More Help with Overdrive?

Go to the OverDrive help center or Ask a Librarian.

What Other Databases Should I try?

If you are interested in OverDrive, you might find the following databases useful:

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