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Children's Reading List
April 2012

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
JFICTION ABBOTT Abbott, Tony The hidden stairs and the magic carpet 1999
JFICTION ALEXANDER Alexander, Lloyd Time cat : the remarkable journeys of Jason and Gareth 1996
JFICTION BACCALARIO Baccalario, Pierdomenico The door to time 2006
JFICTION BECKMAN Beckman, Thea Crusade in jeans 1975
JFICTION COOPER Cooper, Susan King of shadows 1999
JFICTION DEXTER Dexter, Catherine Mazemaker 1989
JFICTION EAGER Eager, Edward Half magic 2004
JFICTION EAGER Eager, Edward Seven-day magic 1999
JFICTION FARMER Farmer, Penelope Charlotte sometimes 1969
JFICTION FLAVIN Flavin, Teresa The Blackhope enigma 2011
JFICTION GRAY Gray, Luli The timespinners 2003
JFICTION GREER Greer, Gery Max and me and the time machine 1983
JFICTION GUTMAN Gutman, Dan Honus & me : a baseball card adventure 1998
JFICTION HADDIX Haddix, Margaret Peterson Torn 2011
JFICTION HILL Hill, Douglas Arthur Penelope's pendant 1990
JFICTION LINDBERGH Lindbergh, Anne The hunky-dory dairy 1986
JFICTION LINDBERGH Lindbergh, Anne The people in Pineapple Place 1982
JFICTION MACGRORY MacGrory, Yvonne Emma and the ruby ring 2002
JFICTION MALONE Malone, Marianne Stealing magic : a sixty-eight rooms adventure 2012
JFICTION MALONE Malone, Marianne The sixty-eight rooms 2010
JFICTION MCALLISTER McAllister, Margaret Ghost at the window 2002
JFICTION MCMULLAN McMullan, Kate The new kid at school 1997
JFICTION NELSON Nelson, Peter Herbert's wormhole 2009
JFICTION ORMONDROYD Ormondroyd, Edward Time at the top 2005
JFICTION OSTERWEIL Osterweil, Adam The comic book kid 2001
JFICTION RODDA Rodda, Emily Finders keepers 1991
JFICTION RODDA Rodda, Emily The key to Rondo 2008
JFICTION SAUNDERS Saunders, Kate Beswitched 2011
JFICTION SNYDER Snyder, Laurel Any which wall 2009
JFICTION STEPHENS Stephens, John The emerald atlas 2011
JFICTION WILLIAMS Williams, Maiya The golden hour 2004
JFICTION WINTERSON Winterson, Jeanette Tanglewreck 2006
JFICTION WINTHROP Winthrop, Elizabeth The castle in the attic 1985
JFICTION WOODRUFF Woodruff, Elvira George Washington's socks 1991