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Children's Reading List
May 2014

Fizz Boom Read! Non-Fiction

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD CALDECOTT FLOCA Floca, Brian Locomotive 2013
J333.783 CARSON Carson, Mary Kay Park scientists : Gila monsters, geysers, and grizzly bears in America's own backyard 2014
J333.95 TURNER Turner, Pamela S. Gorilla doctors : saving endangered great apes 2005
J363.349 RUSCH Rusch, Elizabeth Eruption! : volcanoes and the science of saving lives 2013
J507.8 LEAVITT Leavitt, Loralee Candy experiments 2012
J507.8 POTTER Potter, Jean Science in seconds for kids : over 100 experiments you can do in ten minutes or less 1995
J507.8 WHEELER-TOPPEN Wheeler-Toppen, Jodi Science experiments that fizz and bubble 2011
J509.22 JACKSON Jackson, Donna M. Extreme scientists : exploring nature's mysteries from perilous places 2009
J523.2 KUDLINSKI Kudlinski, Kathleen V. Boy, were we wrong about the solar system! 2008
J523.43 RUSCH Rusch, Elizabeth The mighty Mars rovers : the incredible adventures of Spirit and Opportunity 2012
J523.844 JACKSON Jackson, Ellen B. The mysterious universe : supernovae, dark energy, and black holes 2008
J531.14 CHIN Chin, Jason Gravity 2014
J539.7 JEROME Jerome, Kate Boehm Atomic universe : the quest to discover radioactivity 2006
J550 FORBES Forbes, Scott, How to make a planet : a step-by-step guide to building the Earth 2014
J551.23 MALLORY Mallory, Kenneth Diving to a deep-sea volcano 2006
J560.92 FERN Fern, Tracey E. Barnum's bones 2012
J567.9 FORBES Forbes, Scott How to be a dinosaur hunter : your globe-trotting, time-travelling guide 2013
J567.9 KUDLINSKI Kudlinski, Kathleen V. Boy, were we wrong about dinosaurs! 2005
J580.75 SILVEY Silvey, Anita The plant hunters : true stories of their daring adventures to the far corners of the Earth 2012
J590 STEWART Stewart, Melissa Animal grossapedia 2012
J595.44 MONTGOMERY Montgomery, Sy The tarantula scientist 2004
J597.679 TURNER Turner, Pamela S. Project seahorse 2010
J599.147 SELSAM Selsam, Millicent Ellis Big tracks, little tracks : following animal prints 1999
J599.22 MONTGOMERY Montgomery, Sy Quest for the tree kangaroo : an expedition to the cloud forest of New Guinea 2006
J599.527 LOURIE Lourie, Peter Whaling season : a year in the life of an arctic whale scientist 2009
J599.55 LOURIE Lourie, Peter The manatee scientist : saving vulnerable species 2011
J599.665 FRYDENBORG Frydenborg, Kay Wild horse scientists 2012
J599.668 CARSON Carson, Mary Kay Emi and the rhino scientist 2007
J599.755 MONTGOMERY Montgomery, Sy Saving the ghost of the mountain : an expedition among snow leopards in Mongolia 2009
J599.759 MONTGOMERY Montgomery, Sy Chasing cheetahs : the race to save Africa's fastest cats 2014
J599.786 LOURIE Lourie, Peter The polar bear scientists 2012
J600 MACAULAY Macaulay, David The new way things work 1998
J621.312 KAMKWAMBA Kamkwamba, William The boy who harnessed the wind 2012
J629.454 THIMMESH Thimmesh, Catherine Team Moon : how 400,000 people landed Apollo 11 on the moon 2006
J629.892 BECKER Becker, Helaine, Zoobots : wild robots inspired by real animals 2014
J638.13 BURNS Burns, Loree Griffin The hive detectives : chronicle of a honey bee catastrophe 2010
J639.978 MONTGOMERY Montgomery, Sy Kakapo rescue : saving the world's strangest parrot 2010
JBIOGRAPHY ANNING Walker, Sally M. Mary Anning : fossil hunter 2001
JBIOGRAPHY GRANDIN Montgomery, Sy Temple Grandin : how the girl who loved cows embraced autism and changed the world 2012
JOVERSIZE J629.454 FLOCA Floca, Brian Moonshot : the flight of Apollo 11 2009