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Children's Reading List
May 2011

Children's Books about Sharing

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
EARLY READER BRIDWELL Bridwell, Norman The cat and the bird in the hat 2000
EARLY READER PEARSON Pearson, Mary Generous me 2002
JHOLIDAY CHRISTMAS GACKENBACH Gackenbach, Dick Claude the dog 1974
JHOLIDAY CHRISTMAS PILKEY Pilkey, Dav, 1966- Dragon's merry Christmas 1991
JHOLIDAY HALLOWEEN SILVERMAN Silverman, Erica Big pumpkin 1992
JHOLIDAY THANKSGIVING COHEN Cohen, Miriam Don't eat too much turkey! 1987
JHOLIDAY THANKSGIVING SPINELLI Spinelli, Eileen Thanksgiving at the Tappletons' 1992
PICTURE BOOK ALEXANDER Alexander, Martha G I'll never share you, Blackboard Bear 2003
PICTURE BOOK BEAR Cherrington, Janelle Two can share, too 1999
PICTURE BOOK BROWN Brown, Marc Tolon D.W.'s guide to preschool 2003
PICTURE BOOK CARMI Carmi, Giora A circle of friends 2003
PICTURE BOOK CHACONAS Chaconas, Dori One little mouse 2002
PICTURE BOOK COLE Cole, Joanna Sharing is fun 2004
PICTURE BOOK DEFELICE DeFelice, Cynthia C One potato, two potato 2006
PICTURE BOOK DOYLE Doyle, Malachy Digger and Lew 2008
PICTURE BOOK HUTCHINS Hutchins, Pat The doorbell rang 1986
PICTURE BOOK JOHNSON Johnson, Angela Julius 1993
PICTURE BOOK KEATS Keats, Ezra Jack Peter's chair 1967
PICTURE BOOK LAREAU LaReau, Kara Ugly Fish 2006
PICTURE BOOK LESTER Lester, Helen The wizard, the fairy, and the magic chicken 1983
PICTURE BOOK LINDGREN Lindgren, Barbro Sam's car 1982
PICTURE BOOK LINDGREN Lindgren, Barbro Sam's cookie 1982
PICTURE BOOK LLEWELLYN Llewellyn, Claire Why should I share? 2005
PICTURE BOOK LUCADO Lucado, Max All you ever need 2000
PICTURE BOOK MAYER Mayer, Mercer Me too! 1983
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J A fair bear share 1998
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J Give me half! 1996
PICTURE BOOK NAPOLI Napoli, Donna Jo How hungry are you? 2001
PICTURE BOOK NEWBERRY Newberry, Clare Marshmallow 2008
PICTURE BOOK PARENTEAU Parenteau, Shirley Bears on chairs 2009
PICTURE BOOK PINKWATER Pinkwater, Daniel Rainy morning 1998
PICTURE BOOK POMERANTZ Pomerantz, Charlotte You're not my best friend anymore 1998
PICTURE BOOK REISS Reiss, Mike The boy who wouldn't share 2008
PICTURE BOOK RIX Rix, Jamie The last chocolate cookie 1998
PICTURE BOOK ROOT Root, Phyllis Soup for supper 1986
PICTURE BOOK ROSEN Rosen, Michael This is our house 1996
PICTURE BOOK SAVADIER Savadier, Elivia Will Sheila share? 2008
PICTURE BOOK SENNING Senning, Cindy Post Emily's sharing and caring book 2008
PICTURE BOOK SMALLMAN Smallman, Steve The very greedy bee 2007
PICTURE BOOK STANEK Stanek, Muriel My little foster sister 1981
PICTURE BOOK TASHIRO Tashiro, Chisato 5 nice mice 2007
PICTURE BOOK TURKLE Turkle, Brinton Rachel and Obadiah 1978
PICTURE BOOK UDRY Udry, Janice May What Mary Jo shared 1966
PICTURE BOOK WARRENER Pearce, Philippa Two Bunnykins out to tea 1984
PICTURE BOOK WILLEMS Willems, Mo The Pigeon finds a hot dog! 2004