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Children's Reading List
May 2011

Children's Books about Self-Esteem

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
BOOK/CD DRACHMAN Drachman, Eric Ellison the elephant 2004
EARLY CHAPTER CHRISTOPHER Christopher, Matt The lucky baseball bat 1991
EARLY CHAPTER GIFF Giff, Patricia Reilly All about Stacy 1988
EARLY CHAPTER HADDIX Haddix, Margaret P. The girl with 500 middle names 2001
EARLY CHAPTER KORSCHUNOW Korschunow, Irina Adam draws himself a dragon 1986
EARLY CHAPTER SARGENT Sargent, Dave Petie Pelican 2000
EARLY READER BULLA Bulla, Clyde Robert Daniel's duck 1979
EARLY READER LESIEG LeSieg, Theo I wish that I had duck feet 1965
J158.1 BERRY Berry, Joy Wilt Every kid's guide to being special 1987
J158.1 KAUFMAN Kaufman, Gershen Stick up for yourself! : every kid's guide to personal power and positive self-esteem 1990
J398.2 MAR Martin, Rafe The rough-face girl 1992
J811 FEE Feelings, Tom Something on my mind 1978
PICTURE BOOK ADAMS Adams, Diane I can do it myself! 2009
PICTURE BOOK ADORJAN Adorjan, Carol I can! Can you? 1990
PICTURE BOOK BARNES Barnes, Laura T Ernest and Elston 2005
PICTURE BOOK BATES Bates, Ivan All by myself 2000
PICTURE BOOK BOYCE Boyce, Katie Hector the Hermit Crab 2003
PICTURE BOOK BROWN Brown, Marc Tolon Arthur's nose 1976
PICTURE BOOK CARLSON Carlson, Nancy L I like me! 1988
PICTURE BOOK CAZET Cazet, Denys Great-Uncle Felix 1988
PICTURE BOOK COHEN Cohen, Miriam So what? 1982
PICTURE BOOK COURIC Couric, Katie The blue ribbon day 2004
PICTURE BOOK CURTIS Curtis, Jamie Lee I'm gonna like me : letting off a little self-esteem 2002
PICTURE BOOK DEVEAUX De Veaux, Alexis An enchanted hair tale 1987
PICTURE BOOK DIPUCCHIO DiPucchio, Kelly S Clink 2011
PICTURE BOOK ERLBRUCH Erlbruch, Wolf The big question 2005
PICTURE BOOK ESHAM Esham, Barbara If you're so smart, how come you can't spell Mississippi? 2008
PICTURE BOOK ESHAM Esham, Barbara Last to finish : a story about the smartest boy in math class 2008
PICTURE BOOK ESHAM Esham, Barbara Mrs. Gorski, I think I have the wiggle fidgets 2008
PICTURE BOOK ESHAM Esham, Barbara Stacey Coolidge's fancy-smancy cursive handwriting 2008
PICTURE BOOK GAUCH Gauch, Patricia Lee Presenting Tanya, the Ugly Duckling 1999
PICTURE BOOK GERSTEIN Gerstein, Mordicai Leaving the nest 2007
PICTURE BOOK GOLEY Goley, Elaine P Learn the value of believing in yourself 1989
PICTURE BOOK GORBACHEV Gorbachev, Valeri Chicken chickens 2001
PICTURE BOOK GORDON Gordon, David The ugly truckling 2004
PICTURE BOOK HARPER Harper, Charise Cupcake : a journey to special 2010
PICTURE BOOK HEST Hest, Amy You can do it, Sam 2003
PICTURE BOOK HOFFMAN Hoffman, Mary Amazing Grace 1991
PICTURE BOOK HOWE Howe, James I wish I were a butterfly 1987
PICTURE BOOK KEATS Keats, Ezra Jack Peter's chair. 1967
PICTURE BOOK KLEIN Klein, Norma Girls can be anything 1973
PICTURE BOOK KRAUS Kraus, Robert Leo the late bloomer 1987
PICTURE BOOK KRESSLEY Kressley, Carson You're different and that's super 2005
PICTURE BOOK LESTER Lester, Helen Tacky the penguin 1988
PICTURE BOOK LIONNI Lionni, Leo Fish is fish 1987
PICTURE BOOK LUCADO Lucado, Max Hermie : a common caterpillar 2002
PICTURE BOOK LUCADO Lucado, Max You are special 1997
PICTURE BOOK MCBRATNEY McBratney, Sam You're all my favorites 2004
PICTURE BOOK MCKEE McKee, David Elmer and the kangaroo 2000
PICTURE BOOK MOSS Moss, Marissa Regina's big mistake 1990
PICTURE BOOK PARR Parr, Todd It's okay to be different 2001
PICTURE BOOK PEET Peet, Bill Pamela Camel 1984
PICTURE BOOK POLACCO Polacco, Patricia Thank you, Mr. Falker 1998
PICTURE BOOK POLACCO Polacco, Patricia The junkyard wonders 2010
PICTURE BOOK REYNOLDS Reynolds, Peter The dot 2003
PICTURE BOOK SMITH Smith, Jada Pinkett Girls hold up this world 2005
PICTURE BOOK SPELMAN Spelman, Cornelia When I feel good about myself 2003
PICTURE BOOK THOMPSON Thompson, Lauren Wee little chick 2008
PICTURE BOOK TURNER Turner, Sandy Otto's trunk 2003
PICTURE BOOK TUSA Tusa, Tricia Chicken 1986
PICTURE BOOK WABER Waber, Bernard You look ridiculous, said the rhinoceros to the hippopotamus 1966
PICTURE BOOK WILLIAMS Williams, Barbara Donna Jean's disaster 1986