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Children's Reading List
June 2011

Science Fiction for Ages 9-12

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY L'ENGLE L'Engle, Madeleine A wrinkle in time 1962
AWARD NEWBERY LOWRY Lowry, Lois The giver 1993
AWARD NEWBERY O'BRIEN O'Brien, Robert C. Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh 1971
JFICTION ALCOCK Alcock, Vivien The monster garden 1988
JFICTION AMES Ames, Mildred Anna to the infinite power 1981
JFICTION ANDERSON Anderson, M. T. Whales on stilts 2005
JFICTION ASIMOV Asimov, Janet Norby, the mixed-up robot 1983
JFICTION BAWDEN Bawden, Nina Off the road 1998
JFICTION BECHARD Bechard, Margaret Star hatchling 1995
JFICTION BECKER Becker, Bonny My brother, the robot 2001
JFICTION BRITTAIN Brittain, Bill Shape-changer 1994
JFICTION BUNTING Bunting, Eve Wanna buy an alien? 2000
JFICTION BURGESS Burgess, Melvin The earth giant 1995
JFICTION BUTTS Butts, Nancy The door in the lake 1997
JFICTION CAMERON Cameron, Eleanor The wonderful flight to the Mushroom Planet 1954
JFICTION CARMAN Carman, Patrick Atherton : the house of power 2007
JFICTION CARMAN Carman, Patrick Rivers of fire 2008
JFICTION CARMAN Carman, Patrick The dark planet 2009
JFICTION CLAYTON Clayton, Emma The roar 2009
JFICTION CONLY Conly, Jane Leslie The rudest alien on earth 2002
JFICTION COOPER Cooper, Susan Green boy 2002
JFICTION COVILLE Coville, Bruce Aliens ate my homework 1993
JFICTION COVILLE Coville, Bruce I was a sixth grade alien 1999
JFICTION COVILLE Coville, Bruce My teacher is an alien 1989
JFICTION COVILLE Coville, Bruce The monsters of Morley Manor 2001
JFICTION DALEY Daley, Michael J. Shanghaied to the moon 2007
JFICTION DALEY Daley, Michael J. Space station rat 2005
JFICTION DASHNER Dashner, James A door in the woods 2003
JFICTION DASHNER Dashner, James The journal of curious letters 2008
JFICTION DEXTER Dexter, Catherine Alien game 1995
JFICTION DUPRAU DuPrau, Jeanne The city of Ember 2003
JFICTION ELLIOTT Elliott, David The transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle 2001
JFICTION ETCHEMENDY Etchemendy, Nancy The power of Un 2000
JFICTION FEIG Feig, Paul Ignatius MacFarland, Frequenaut! 2008
JFICTION FINE Fine, Anne The chicken gave it to me 1993
JFICTION FISK Fisk, Nicholas A rag, a bone, and a hank of hair 1982
JFICTION GAUTHIER Gauthier, Gail My life among the aliens 1996
JFICTION GREENBURG Greenburg, Dan Dude, where's my spaceship? 2006
JFICTION HADDIX Haddix, Margaret Peterson Among the hidden 1998
JFICTION HADDIX Haddix, Margaret Peterson Found 2008
JFICTION HADDON Haddon, Mark Boom! 2010
JFICTION HAWKING Hawking, Lucy George's cosmic treasure hunt 2009
JFICTION HOLT Holt, K. A. Mike Stellar : nerves of steel 2009
JFICTION HOOVER Hoover, H. M. Orvis 1987
JFICTION HUGHES Hughes, Mark Peter A crack in the sky 2010
JFICTION HUGHES Hughes, Ted The iron giant 1999
JFICTION HUNT Hunt, Gene The accidental spaceship 2005
JFICTION KEY Key, Alexander The forgotten door 1999
JFICTION KING-SMITH King-Smith, Dick Harriet's hare 1995
JFICTION KLAUSE Klause, Annette Curtis Alien secrets 1993
JFICTION MCINTYRE McIntyre, Vonda N. Barbary 1986
JFICTION NYLUND Nylund, Eric S. The Resisters 2011
JFICTION PATON WALSH Paton Walsh, Jill The green book 1982
JFICTION PECK Peck, Richard The great interactive dream machine 1996
JFICTION PINKWATER Pinkwater, Daniel M. Lizard music 1976
JFICTION REX Rex, Adam The true meaning of Smekday 2007
JFICTION ROBERTS Roberts, Willo Davis The girl with the silver eyes 1980
JFICTION ROLLINS Rollins, James Jake Ransom and the Skull King's shadow 2009
JFICTION RYAN Ryan, Mary C. Me two : a novel 1991
JFICTION SARGENT Sargent, Sarah Watermusic 1986
JFICTION SCIESZKA Scieszka, Jon Spaceheadz 2010
JFICTION SCRIMGER Scrimger, Richard The nose from Jupiter 1998
JFICTION SEIDLER Seidler, Tor Brainboy and the Deathmaster 2003
JFICTION SERVICE Service, Pamela F. Alien encounter 2010
JFICTION SERVICE Service, Pamela F. Alien expedition 2009
JFICTION SERVICE Service, Pamela F. Camp alien 2009
JFICTION SERVICE Service, Pamela F. My cousin, the alien 2008
JFICTION SERVICE Service, Pamela F. Stinker from space 1988
JFICTION SKURZYNSKI Skurzynski, Gloria Cyberstorm 1995
JFICTION SLEATOR Sleator, William Boltzmon! 1999
JFICTION SLOBODKIN Slobodkin, Louis The space ship under the apple tree 1993
JFICTION SLOTE Slote, Alfred C.O.L.A.R. : a tale of outer space 1981
JFICTION SLOTE Slote, Alfred My trip to Alpha I 1978
JFICTION SPINNER Spinner, Stephanie Be first in the universe 2000
JFICTION WAUGH Waugh, Sylvia Earthborn 2002
JFICTION WAUGH Waugh, Sylvia Space race 2000
JFICTION WAUGH Waugh, Sylvia Who goes home? 2004
JFICTION WISLER Wisler, G Clifton The Antrian messenger 1986
SCI-FIC FANTASY CHRISTOPHER Christopher, John The White Mountains 1967
SCI-FIC FANTASY CHRISTOPHER Christopher, John The city of gold and lead. 1967
SCI-FIC FANTASY CHRISTOPHER Christopher, John The pool of fire. 1968
SCI-FIC FANTASY FARMER Farmer, Nancy The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm : a novel 1994