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Children's Reading List

Children's Books about Peace

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
J303.66 GILLEY Gilley, Jeremy Peace one day 2005
J303.66 RADUNSKY Radunsky, Vladimir What does peace feel like? 2004
J303.69 POLLAND Polland, Barbara Kay We can work it out : conflict resolution for children 2000
J327.172 KERLEY Kerley, Barbara A little peace 2007
J398.2 PEA Peace tales : world folktales to talk about 2005
J808.83 BIG The Big book for peace 1990
J811 HINES Hines, Anna Grossnickle Peaceful pieces : poems and quilts about peace 2011
J920.02 WINTER Winter, Jonah Peaceful heroes 2009
JBIOGRAPHY MAATHAI Winter, Jeanette Wangari's trees of peace : a true story from Africa 2008
JBIOGRAPHY SUN RA Raschka, Christopher The cosmo-biography of Sun Ra : the sound of joy is enlightening 2014
PICTURE BOOK BUNTING Bunting, Eve The wall 1990
PICTURE BOOK CHARTERS Charters, Janet The general 2010
PICTURE BOOK CRADDOCK Craddock, Sonia Sleeping boy 1999
PICTURE BOOK HALPERIN Halperin, Wendy Anderson Peace 2013
PICTURE BOOK KATZ Katz, Karen Can you say peace? 2006
PICTURE BOOK LEAF Leaf, Munro The story of Ferdinand 1936
PICTURE BOOK PARR Parr, Todd The peace book 2004
PICTURE BOOK PEET Peet, Bill Merle the high flying squirrel 1974
PICTURE BOOK PREUS Preus, Margi The Peace Bell 2008
PICTURE BOOK PROIMOS Proimos, James Paulie Pastrami achieves world peace 2009
PICTURE BOOK RINGGOLD Ringgold, Faith The Invisible Princess 1999
PICTURE BOOK SCHOLES Scholes, Katherine Peace begins with you 1990
PICTURE BOOK SEUSS Seuss, Dr. The butter battle book 1984
PICTURE BOOK SPINELLI Spinelli, Eileen Peace Week in Miss Fox's class 2009