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Children's Reading List
January 2007

Funny Books for Children: Chapter Books

 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
JFICTION ANDERSON Anderson, M. T. Whales on stilts 2005
JFICTION ARDAGH Ardagh, Philip A house called Awful End 2002
JFICTION BALDACCI Baldacci, David Fries alive! 2005
JFICTION BENTON Benton, James K. Lunch walks among us 2003
JFICTION BLUME Blume, Judy Tales of a fourth grade nothing 1972
JFICTION BOND Bond, Michael Paddington treasury 1999
JFICTION BRAND Brand, Christianna The collected tales Nurse Matilda 2005
JFICTION BUNTING Bunting, Eve Nasty stinky sneakers 1994
JFICTION CAZET Cazet, Denys Minnie & Moo and the seven wonders of the world 2003
JFICTION CHILD Child, Lauren Utterly me, Clarice Bean 2003
JFICTION CLEARY Cleary, Beverly Henry Huggins 1950
JFICTION COMAN Coman, Carolyn The big house 2004
JFICTION CONFORD Conford, Ellen Dear Mom, get me out of here! 1992
JFICTION COWELL Cowell, Cressida How to train your dragon 2004
JFICTION DELANEY Delaney, M. C. Henry's special delivery 1984
JFICTION DERBY Derby, Kenneth The top ten ways to ruin the first day of fifth grade 2004
JFICTION DOYLE Doyle, Roddy The Giggler treatment 2000
JFICTION DUBOIS Du Bois, William Porko von Popbutton 1969
JFICTION ERICKSON Erickson, John R. The original adventures of Hank the Cowdog 1988
JFICTION FEAGLES Feagles, Anita Casey, the utterly impossible horse 1989
JFICTION FITZGERALD Fitzgerald, John The great brain 1967
JFICTION FLEISCHMAN Fleischman, Sid Bo & Mzzz Mad 2001
JFICTION FRANK Frank, Lucy The Annoyance Bureau 2002
JFICTION GLEITZMAN Gleitzman, Morris Misery guts 1995
JFICTION GLEITZMAN Gleitzman, Morris Worry warts 1995
JFICTION GREENBURG Greenburg, Dan Dude, where's my spaceship? 2006
JFICTION GUTMAN Gutman, Dan Miss Daisy is crazy! 2004
JFICTION HAVEN Haven, Paul Two hot dogs with everything 2006
JFICTION HINTON Hinton, S. E. The puppy sister 1995
JFICTION HORVATH Horvath, Polly The Pepins and their problems 2004
JFICTION HUGHES Hughes, Frieda Getting rid of Aunt Edna 1986
JFICTION HUNT Hunt, Gene The accidental spaceship 2005
JFICTION HURWITZ Hurwitz, Johanna The adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein 1985
JFICTION IBBOTSON Ibbotson, Eva Not just a witch 2003
JFICTION IVES Ives, David Monsieur Eek 2001
JFICTION JOHNSTON Johnston, Tony The mummy's mother 2003
JFICTION KING-SMITH King-Smith, Dick Funny Frank 2002
JFICTION KLISE Klise, Kate Regarding the fountain 1998
JFICTION KORMAN Korman, Gordon Maxx Comedy 2003
JFICTION KORMAN Korman, Gordon The chicken doesn't skate 1996
JFICTION KORMAN Korman, Gordon The 6th grade nickname game 1998
JFICTION KURZWEIL Kurzweil, Allen Leon and the spitting image 2003
JFICTION LINDGREN Lindgren, Astrid Pippi Longstocking 1950
JFICTION LINDSAY Lindsay, Norman The magic pudding 2004
JFICTION LOWRY Lowry, Lois Gooney Bird Greene 2002
JFICTION MACDONALD MacDonald, Betty Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle 1985
JFICTION MAGUIRE Maguire, Gregory Seven spiders spinning 1995
JFICTION MANES Manes, Stephen The great gerbil roundup 1988
JFICTION MARTIN Martin, Ann M. Ma and Pa Dracula 1989
JFICTION MASON Mason, Simon The Quigleys not for sale 2004
JFICTION MCCALLSMITH McCall Smith, Alexander The cowgirl aunt of Harriet Bean 2006
JFICTION MCCLOSKEY McCloskey, Robert Homer Price 1943
JFICTION MCDONALD McDonald, Megan Judy Moody saves the world! 2002
JFICTION MCDONALD McDonald, Megan Stink and the incredible super-galactic jawbreaker 2006
JFICTION MCKAY McKay, Hilary The exiles 1992
JFICTION MCMANUS McManus, Patrick F. Never cry "Arp!" : and other great adventures. 1996
JFICTION MORGENSTERN Morgenstern, Susie It happened at school 2005
JFICTION NYBO Nybo, B. J. Elmo Jackson man of action 2002
JFICTION OGDEN Ogden, Charles Rare beasts 2006
JFICTION PARK Park, Barbara Almost starring Skinnybones 1988
JFICTION PAULSEN Paulsen, Gary Molly McGinty has a really good day 2004
JFICTION PILKEY Pilkey, Dav The adventures of Captain Underpants 1997
JFICTION PINKWATER Pinkwater, Daniel Fat camp commandos 2001
JFICTION PINKWATER Pinkwater, Daniel The Artsy Smartsy Club 2005
JFICTION PULLMAN Pullman, Philip I was a rat! 2000
JFICTION PULLMAN Pullman, Philip The scarecrow and his servant 2005
JFICTION RASKIN Raskin, Ellen The mysterious disappearance of Leon 1971
JFICTION ROBINSON Robinson, Barbara The worst best school year ever 1994
JFICTION ROCKWELL Rockwell, Thomas How to eat fried worms 1979
JFICTION ROOS Roos, Stephen My horrible secret 1983
JFICTION SACHAR Sachar, Louis Sideways stories from Wayside School 1990
JFICTION SANT Sant, Thomas The amazing adventures of Albert and his flying machine 1990
JFICTION SCIESZKA Scieszka, Jon Knights of the kitchen table 1991
JFICTION SCROGGS Scroggs, Kirk Dracula vs. Grampa at the Monster Truck Spectacular 2006
JFICTION SMITH Smith, Robert Chocolate fever 1989
JFICTION STILTON Stilton, Geronimo Lost treasure of the Emerald Eye 2004
JFICTION WINKLER Winkler, Henry The night I flunked my field trip 2004