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Children's Reading List
January 2010

Fantasy Novels for Ages 9-12

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY O'BRIEN O'Brien, Robert C. Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh 1971
JFICTION AGUIAR Aguiar, Nadia The lost island of Tamarind 2008
JFICTION AIKEN Aiken, Joan The whispering mountain 2002
JFICTION ALEXANDER Alexander, Lloyd The iron ring 1997
JFICTION ALEXANDER Alexander, Lloyd Time cat 1985
JFICTION ALMOND Almond, David Skellig 1999
JFICTION ANDERSON Anderson, Jodi Lynn May Bird and The Ever After 2005
JFICTION ANDERSON Anderson, R. J. Faery Rebels book one: Spell Hunter 2009
JFICTION AVI Avi Ragweed 1999
JFICTION BABBITT Babbitt, Natalie The search for delicious. 1969
JFICTION BABBITT Babbitt, Natalie Tuck everlasting 1975
JFICTION BECK Beck, Ian The secret history of Tom Trueheart 2007
JFICTION BEMIS Bemis, John Claude The nine pound hammer 2009
JFICTION BENZ Benz, Derek The revenge of the Shadow King 2006
JFICTION BESSON Besson, Luc Arthur and the Minimoys 2005
JFICTION BILLINGSLEY Billingsley, Franny The Folk Keeper 1999
JFICTION BODE Bode, N. E. The slippery map 2007
JFICTION BRITTON Britton, Susan Treekeepers 2003
JFICTION CARMAN Carman, Patrick The Dark Hills divide 2005
JFICTION CATANESE Catanese, P. W. Happenstance found 2009
JFICTION CODELL Codell, Esme Raji Diary of a fairy godmother 2005
JFICTION COLLINS Collins, Suzanne Gregor the Overlander 2003
JFICTION COOPER Cooper, Susan King of shadows 1999
JFICTION DAHL Dahl, Roald Charlie and the chocolate factory 2001
JFICTION DEMATTEIS DeMatteis, J. M. The dream thief 2006
JFICTION D'LACEY D'Lacey, Chris The fire within 2005
JFICTION ECKERT Eckert, Allan W. The dark green tunnel 1984
JFICTION EDWARDS Edwards, Julie The last of the really great whangdoodles 1974
JFICTION FARJEON Farjeon, Eleanor The glass slipper 1986
JFICTION FARMER Farmer, Nancy The Sea of Trolls 2004
JFICTION FARMER Farmer, Nancy The Warm Place 1995
JFICTION FISCHBEIN Fischbein, Dina Really Raoulino 2006
JFICTION FOMBELLE Fombelle, Timothee de Toby alone 2009
JFICTION FUNKE Funke, Cornelia Caroline Dragon rider 2004
JFICTION GLIORI Gliori, Debi Pure dead magic 2001
JFICTION GOLDING Golding, Julia Secret of the sirens 2007
JFICTION GREER Greer, Gery Max and me and the time machine 1983
JFICTION HAIG Haig, Matt Samuel Blink and the runaway troll 2008
JFICTION HALPERN Halpern, Jake Dormia 2009
JFICTION HILL Hill, Douglas Arthur Penelope's pendant 1990
JFICTION HUNTER Hunter, Erin W. Into the wild 2003
JFICTION IBBOTSON Ibbotson, Eva Which witch? 1999
JFICTION JEAN Jean, Mark Puddlejumpers 2008
JFICTION JENNEWEIN Jennewein, Jim RuneWarriors 2008
JFICTION JONELL Jonell, Lynne The secret of zoom 2009
JFICTION KELLER Keller, Beverly A small, elderly dragon 1984
JFICTION KENDALL Kendall, Carol The Gammage Cup : a novel of the Minnipins 2000
JFICTION KINGSLEY Kingsley, Kaza Erec Rex : the dragon's eye 2007
JFICTION LAFEVERS La Fevers, R. L. The forging of the blade 2004
JFICTION LAFEVERS La Fevers, R. L. Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos 2007
JFICTION LAKE Lake, A. J. The coming of dragons 2006
JFICTION LANGTON Langton, Jane The fledgling 1980
JFICTION LASKY Lasky, Kathryn The capture 2003
JFICTION LAW Law, Ingrid Savvy 2008
JFICTION LEVINE Levine, Gail Carson Fairy dust and the quest for the egg 2005
JFICTION LEVINE Levine, Gail Carson The wish 1999
JFICTION LIN Lin, Grace Where the mountain meets the moon 2009
JFICTION LINDBERGH Lindbergh, Anne The people in Pineapple Place 1982
JFICTION LISLE Lisle, Holly The ruby key 2008
JFICTION LLEWELLYN Llewellyn, Sam The well between the worlds 2009
JFICTION MARTIN Martin, George R. R. The ice dragon 2006
JFICTION MAXWELL Maxwell, Bruce The faerie door 2008
JFICTION MCALLISTER McAllister, Margaret Urchin of the riding stars 2005
JFICTION MCCAUGHREAN McCaughrean, Geraldine The stones are hatching 2000
JFICTION MCKINLEY McKinley, Robin Beauty : a retelling of the story of Beauty & the beast 1978
JFICTION MCNAMEE McNamee, Eoin The navigator 2006
JFICTION MILWAY Milway, Alex The mousehunter 2009
JFICTION NEFF Neff, Henry H. The hound of Rowan 2007
JFICTION NEWMAN Newman, Robert Merlin's mistake 1985
JFICTION NEWMAN Newman, Robert The shattered stone 1975
JFICTION NIMMO Nimmo, Jenny Midnight for Charlie Bone 2003
JFICTION NIMMO Nimmo, Jenny The snow spider 2006
JFICTION NORTON Norton, Mary The Borrowers 1986
JFICTION OSTERWEIL Osterweil, Adam The amulet of Komondor 2003
JFICTION PARK Park, Ruth Playing Beatie Bow 1982
JFICTION PRINEAS Prineas, Sarah Magic thief 2008
JFICTION PULLMAN Pullman, Philip The Fireworkmaker's daughter 1999
JFICTION RODDA Rodda, Emily Finders keepers 1991
JFICTION RODDA Rodda, Emily Rowan of Rin 2001
JFICTION RUPP Rupp, Rebecca The dragon of Lonely Island 1998
JFICTION RUPP Rupp, Rebecca The return of the dragon 2005
JFICTION RUPP Rupp, Rebecca The waterstone 2002
JFICTION RUTKOSKI Rutkoski, Marie The Cabinet of Wonders 2008
JFICTION SAVAGE Savage, J Scott Water keep 2008
JFICTION SKYE Skye, Obert Leven Thumps and the gateway to Foo 2005
JFICTION SMEDMAN Smedman, Lisa Creature catchers 2007
JFICTION SMITH Smith, Sherwood Wren to the rescue 1990
JFICTION SNOW Snow, Alan Here be monsters! : an adventure involving magic, trolls, and other creatures 2006
JFICTION STEWART Stewart, Paul Beyond the Deepwoods 2004
JFICTION STONE Stone, David Lee The ratastrophe catastrophe 2004
JFICTION VANDEVELDE Vande Velde, Vivian A hidden magic 1985
JFICTION VERRILLO Verrillo, Erica F. Elissa's quest 2007
JFICTION WALLACE Wallace, Barbara B. The barrel in the basement 1985
JFICTION WILLIAMS Williams, Maiya The golden hour 2004
JFICTION WINTERSON Winterson, Jeanette Tanglewreck 2006
JFICTION WINTHROP Winthrop, Elizabeth The castle in the attic 1985
JFICTION WISEMAN Wiseman, David Jeremy Visick 1981