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Children's Reading List
May 2011

Children's Books About Divorce

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
J301.42 STEIN Stein, Sara Bonnett On divorce : an open family book for parents and children together 1979
J306.874 MOSER Moser, Adolph Don't fall apart on Saturdays! : the children's divorce-survival book 2000
J306.874 SANDERS Sanders, Pete Stepfamilies 1995
J306.89 BROWN Brown, Laurene Krasny Dinosaurs divorce 1986
J306.89 COLE Cole, Julia My parents' divorce 1998
J306.89 HOLYOKE Holyoke, Nancy A smart girl's guide to her parents' divorce : how to land on your feet when your world turns upside down 2009
J306.89 LANSKY Lansky, Vicki It's not your fault, KoKo Bear : a read-together book for parents & young children during divorce 1998
J306.89 LEVINS Levins, Sandra Was it the chocolate pudding? : a story for little kids about divorce 2005
J306.89 MAYLE Mayle, Peter Divorce can happen to the nicest people 1979
J306.89 MAYLE Mayle, Peter Why are we getting a divorce? 1988
J306.89 NICKMAN Nickman, Steven L When mom and dad divorce 1986
J306.89 NIGHTINGALE Nightingale, Lois V My parents still love me even though they're getting divorced : (an interactive tale for children) 1997
J306.89 ROGERS Rogers, Fred Divorce 1996
J306.89 STERN Stern, Zoe Divorce is not the end of the world : Zoe's and Evan's coping guide for kids 1997
J306.89 WEITZMAN Weitzman, Elizabeth Let's talk about your parents' divorce 1996
J306.89 WINCHESTER Winchester, Kent What in the world do you do when your parents divorce? : a survival guide for kids 2001
J646.78 PROKOP Prokop, Michael S. Divorce happens to the nicest kids : a self help book for kids (3-15) and adults 1986
J646.78 WEITZMAN Weitzman, Elizabeth Let's talk about living in a blended family 1996
PICTURE BOOK ADAMS Adams, Eric J. On the day his daddy left 2000
PICTURE BOOK BERNHARD Bernhard, Durga To & fro, fast & slow 2001
PICTURE BOOK BOELTS Boelts, Maribeth With my mom, with my dad 2004
PICTURE BOOK BOYD Boyd, Lizi The not-so-wicked stepmother 1987
PICTURE BOOK BUNTING Bunting, Eve The days of summer 2001
PICTURE BOOK CAINES Caines, Jeannette Franklin Daddy 1977
PICTURE BOOK CASELEY Caseley, Judith Priscilla twice 1995
PICTURE BOOK CHRISTIANSEN Christiansen, C. B. My mother's house, my father's house 1989
PICTURE BOOK CLARKE Clarke, Jane The best of both nests 2007
PICTURE BOOK COFFELT Coffelt, Nancy Fred stays with me 2007
PICTURE BOOK COLE Cole, Babette The un-wedding 1998
PICTURE BOOK COY Coy, John Two old potatoes and me 2003
PICTURE BOOK DRAGONWAGON Dragonwagon, Crescent Always, always 1984
PICTURE BOOK GIRARD Girard, Linda Walvoord At daddy's on Saturdays 1987
PICTURE BOOK HOFFMAN Hoffman, Mary Boundless Grace 1995
PICTURE BOOK HUTCHINS Hutchins, Pat There's only one of me! 2003
PICTURE BOOK LEACH Leach, Norman My wicked stepmother 1993
PICTURE BOOK LISKER Lisker, Sonia O. Two special cards 1976
PICTURE BOOK MASUREL Masurel, Claire Two homes 2001
PICTURE BOOK SCHMITZ Schmitz, Tamara Standing on my own two feet : a child's affirmation of love in the midst of divorce 2008
PICTURE BOOK SCHOTTER Schotter, Roni Room for Rabbit 2003
PICTURE BOOK SPELMAN Spelman, Cornelia Mama and Daddy Bear's divorce 1998
PICTURE BOOK VIGNA Vigna, Judith Grandma without me : story and pictures 1984