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Children's Reading List

Children's books about Divorce

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
J306.8 ROBERTS Roberts, Jillian Why do families change? : our first talk about separation and divorce 2017
J306.8 WADDINGTON Waddington, Emma Why don't we all live together anymore? : big issues for little people after a family break-up 2016
J306.874 MOSER Moser, Adolph Don't fall apart on Saturdays! : the children's divorce-survival book 2000
J306.89 BROWN Brown, Laurene Krasny Dinosaurs divorce 1986
J306.89 HOLYOKE Holyoke, Nancy A smart girl's guide to her parents' divorce : how to land on your feet when your world turns upside down 2009
J306.89 WINCHESTER Winchester, Kent What in the world do you do when your parents divorce? : a survival guide for kids 2001
PICTURE BOOK ADAMS Adams, Eric J. On the day his daddy left 2000
PICTURE BOOK BOELTS Boelts, Maribeth With my mom, with my dad 2004
PICTURE BOOK BUNTING Bunting, Eve The days of summer 2001
PICTURE BOOK CLARKE Clarke, Jane The best of both nests 2007
PICTURE BOOK COFFELT Coffelt, Nancy Fred stays with me 2007
PICTURE BOOK COY Coy, John Two old potatoes and me 2003
PICTURE BOOK HARRINGTON Harrington, Claudia My two homes 2016
PICTURE BOOK HIGGINS Higgins, Melissa Weekends with Dad : what to expect when your parents divorce 2012
PICTURE BOOK HUTCHINS Hutchins, Pat There's only one of me! 2003
PICTURE BOOK MASUREL Masurel, Claire Two homes 2001
PICTURE BOOK SCHMITZ Schmitz, Tamara Standing on my own two feet : a child's affirmation of love in the midst of divorce 2008
PICTURE BOOK SCHOTTER Schotter, Roni Room for Rabbit 2003