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Children's Reading List
January 2012

Picture Books: Counting

 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
PICTURE BOOK ANNO Anno, Mitsumasa Anno's Counting book 1977
PICTURE BOOK ARCHAMBAULT Archambault, John Boom Chicka Rock 2004
PICTURE BOOK BANG Bang, Molly Ten, nine, eight 1983
PICTURE BOOK BASE Base, Graeme Uno's garden 2006
PICTURE BOOK BECKER Becker, John Leonard Seven little rabbits 2007
PICTURE BOOK BEIL Beil, Karen Magnuson Mooove over! : a book about counting by twos 2004
PICTURE BOOK BERRY Berry, Lynne Duck dunks 2008
PICTURE BOOK BOURKE Bourke, Linda Eye count : a book of counting puzzles 1995
PICTURE BOOK BRISSON Brisson, Pat Benny's pennies 1995
PICTURE BOOK CARLSTROM Carlstrom, Nancy White Let's count it out, Jesse Bear 1996
PICTURE BOOK CATALANOTTO Catalanotto, Peter Daisy 1, 2, 3 2003
PICTURE BOOK CHACONAS Chaconas, Dori One little mouse 2002
PICTURE BOOK CHAE Chae, Seon How do you count a dozen ducklings? 2006
PICTURE BOOK CHICHESTERCLARK Chichester Clark, Emma Little Miss Muffet's count-along surprise 1997
PICTURE BOOK CHRISTELOW Christelow, Eileen Five little monkeys jumping on the bed 1989
PICTURE BOOK CHRISTELOW Christelow, Eileen Five little monkeys sitting in a tree 1991
PICTURE BOOK CREWS Crews, Donald Ten black dots 1994
PICTURE BOOK CRONIN Cronin, Doreen Click, clack, splish, splash : a counting adventure 2006
PICTURE BOOK DALE Dale, Penny Ten out of bed 1994
PICTURE BOOK DEALEY Dealey, Erin Little Bo Peep can't get to sleep 2005
PICTURE BOOK DEMAREST Demarest, Chris L. Smokejumpers one to ten 2002
PICTURE BOOK DITERLIZZI DiTerlizzi, Tony G is for one gzonk : an alpha-number-bet book 2006
PICTURE BOOK DODD Dodd, Emma Dog's colorful day : a messy story about colors and counting 2001
PICTURE BOOK DUKE Duke, Kate One guinea pig is not enough 1998
PICTURE BOOK DUNBAR Dunbar, Joyce Ten little mice 1995
PICTURE BOOK DUNREA Dunrea, Olivier Deep down underground 1993
PICTURE BOOK DURANGO Durango, Julia Cha-cha chimps 2006
PICTURE BOOK EDWARDS Edwards, Pamela Duncan Roar : a noisy counting book 2000
PICTURE BOOK EDWARDS Edwards, Pamela Duncan Warthogs in the kitchen : a sloppy counting book 1998
PICTURE BOOK EDWARDS Edwards, Richard Ten tall oaktrees 1993
PICTURE BOOK EVANS Evans, Lezlie Can you count ten toes? : count to 10 in 10 different languages 1999
PICTURE BOOK FALWELL Falwell, Cathryn Feast for 10 1993
PICTURE BOOK FALWELL Falwell, Cathryn Turtle splash! countdown at the pond 2001
PICTURE BOOK FEELINGS Feelings, Muriel L. Moja means one; Swahili counting book 1971
PICTURE BOOK FLEMING Fleming, Denise The first day of winter 2005
PICTURE BOOK FREYMANN Freymann, Saxton One lonely seahorse 2000
PICTURE BOOK GAUCH Ichikawa, Satomi Bravo, Tanya 1992
PICTURE BOOK GEISERT Geisert, Arthur Pigs from 1 to 10 1992
PICTURE BOOK GIGANTI Giganti, Paul Each orange had 8 slices : a counting book 1992
PICTURE BOOK GIGANTI Giganti, Paul How many blue birds flew away? : a counting book with a difference 2005
PICTURE BOOK GINKEL Ginkel, Anne I've got an elephant 2006
PICTURE BOOK GORBACHEV Gorbachev, Valeri Christopher counting 2008
PICTURE BOOK GROSSMAN Grossman, Bill My little sister ate one hare 1996
PICTURE BOOK HAGUE Hague, Kathleen Numbears : a counting book 1986
PICTURE BOOK HAGUE Hague, Kathleen Ten little bears : a counting rhyme 1999
PICTURE BOOK HAMM Hamm, Diane Johnston How many feet in the bed? 1991
PICTURE BOOK HARRIS Harris, Trudy Splitting the herd : a corral of odds and evens 2008
PICTURE BOOK HARTMANN Hartmann, Wendy One sun rises : an African wildlife counting book 1994
PICTURE BOOK HENNESSY Hennessy, B. G. Mr. Ouchy's first day of school 2006
PICTURE BOOK HOBAN Hoban, Tana 26 letters and 99 cents 1987
PICTURE BOOK HOWARD Howard, Katherine I can count to 100 ... can you? 1979
PICTURE BOOK HOWE Howe, Caroline Walton Counting penguins 1983
PICTURE BOOK HUTCHINS Hutchins, Pat 1 hunter 1982
PICTURE BOOK JAY Jay, Alison 1 2 3 : a child's first counting book 2007
PICTURE BOOK JOHNSTON Johnston, Tony 10 fat turkeys 2004
PICTURE BOOK KEATS Keats, Ezra Jack Over in the meadow 1999
PICTURE BOOK LEWIN Lewin, Betsy Cat count 2003
PICTURE BOOK LIMMER Limmer, Milly Jane Where will you swim tonight? 1991
PICTURE BOOK LIVERMORE Livermore, Elaine One to ten, count again 1973
PICTURE BOOK LOBEL Lobel, Anita One lighthouse, one moon 2000
PICTURE BOOK LONDON London, Jonathan Count the ways, little brown bear 2002
PICTURE BOOK LOOMIS Loomis, Christine Cowboy bunnies 1997
PICTURE BOOK MACDONALD MacDonald, Suse Look whooo's counting 2000
PICTURE BOOK MACDONALD MacDonald, Suse Numblers 1988
PICTURE BOOK MANNIS Mannis, Celeste Davidson One leaf rides the wind : counting in a Japanese garden 2002
PICTURE BOOK MARTIN Martin, Bill Chicka chicka 1, 2, 3 2004
PICTURE BOOK MARTIN Martin, Bill Knots on a counting rope 1987
PICTURE BOOK MCGOUGH McGough, Roger Counting by numbers 1989
PICTURE BOOK MCMILLAN McMillan, Bruce One, two, one pair! 1991
PICTURE BOOK MCNAMARA McNamara, Margaret How many seeds in a pumpkin? 2007
PICTURE BOOK MERRIAM Merriam, Eve Mommies at work 1989
PICTURE BOOK MICHELSON Michelson, Richard Ten times better 2000
PICTURE BOOK MIRANDA Miranda, Anne Monster math 1999
PICTURE BOOK MORA Mora, Pat Uno, dos, tres = One, two, three 1996
PICTURE BOOK MOROZUMI Morozumi, Atsuko One gorilla 1990
PICTURE BOOK MOSS Moss, Lloyd Zin! zin! zin! : a violin 1995
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J. Jack the builder 2006
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J. 100 days of cool 2004
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J. A fair bear share 1998
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J. Coyotes all around 2003
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J. Every buddy counts 1997
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J. Just enough carrots 1997
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J. Missing mittens 2001
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J. Pepper's journal : a kitten's first year 2000
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Stuart J. Spunky monkeys on parade 1999
PICTURE BOOK MY My first look at numbers 2001
PICTURE BOOK NEDOBECK Nedobeck, Don Nedobeck's numbers book 1981
PICTURE BOOK OTOSHI Otoshi, Kathryn One 2008
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The icky bug counting book 1992
PICTURE BOOK PARENTEAU Parenteau, Shirley One frog sang 2007
PICTURE BOOK PARKER Parker, Vic Bearobics : a hip-hop counting story 1997
PICTURE BOOK POMEROY Pomeroy, Diana One potato : a counting book of potato prints 1996
PICTURE BOOK POWERPUFF Dower, Laura Bubble trouble 2000
PICTURE BOOK RAFFI Raffi Five little ducks 1989
PICTURE BOOK RASCHKA Raschka, Christopher Five for a little one 2006
PICTURE BOOK REISS Reiss, John J. Numbers : a book 1987
PICTURE BOOK ROGERS Rogers, Jacqueline Kindergarten count to 100 2004
PICTURE BOOK ROOT Root, Phyllis One duck stuck 1998
PICTURE BOOK RYAN Ryan, Pam Muänoz One hundred is a family 1994
PICTURE BOOK SAYRE Sayre, April Pulley One is a snail, ten is a crab : a counting by feet book 2003
PICTURE BOOK SCARRY Scarry, Richard Richard Scarry's Little counting book 1998
PICTURE BOOK SCHAEFER Schaefer, Lola M. Out of the night 1995
PICTURE BOOK SCHAFER Schafer, Kevin Penguins 1-2-3 2002
PICTURE BOOK SCHROEDER Schroeder, Lisa Baby can't sleep 2005
PICTURE BOOK SCHULMAN Schulman, Janet Countdown to spring : an animal counting book 2002
PICTURE BOOK SCOTTON Scotton, Rob Russell the sheep 2005
PICTURE BOOK SEEGER Seeger, Laura Vaccaro One boy 2008
PICTURE BOOK SESAME Muntean, Michaela We're counting on you, Grover! 1991
PICTURE BOOK SHEPPARD Sheppard, Jeff The right number of elephants 1990
PICTURE BOOK SHIELDS Shields, Carol Diggory Wombat walkabout 2009
PICTURE BOOK SIS Sis, Peter Fire truck 1998
PICTURE BOOK SIS Sis, Peter Going up! : a color counting book 1989
PICTURE BOOK STIEGEMEYER Stiegemeyer, Julie Gobble-gobble crash! 2008
PICTURE BOOK STIHLER Stihler, Châerie B. Polar Polka 2008
PICTURE BOOK TAFURI Tafuri, Nancy Who's counting? 1993
PICTURE BOOK TESTA Testa, Fulvio If you take a pencil 1982
PICTURE BOOK TUDOR Tudor, Tasha 1 is one 2000
PICTURE BOOK TULIP Tulip, Jenny My first book of numbers 2005
PICTURE BOOK WAKEFIELD Wakefield, Ali Those calculating crows! 1996
PICTURE BOOK WALSH Walsh, Ellen Stoll Mouse count 1991
PICTURE BOOK WALTON Walton, Rick How many, how many, how many 1993
PICTURE BOOK WEEKS Weeks, Sarah Counting ovejas 2006
PICTURE BOOK WEST West, Colin One little elephant 1988
PICTURE BOOK WESTON Weston, Martha Bea's 4 bears 1992
PICTURE BOOK WINTER Winter, Jeanette Josefina 1996
PICTURE BOOK WORMELL Wormell, Christopher Teeth, tails & tentacles : an animal counting book 2004
PICTURE BOOK YATES Yates, Philip Ten little mummies : an Egyptian counting book 2003
PICTURE BOOK YOLEN Yolen, Jane An invitation to the Butterfly Ball : a counting rhyme 1991