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Children's Reading List
January 2012

Picture Books About Baseball

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
EARLY READER ADLER Adler, David A. Young Cam Jansen and the baseball mystery 1999
EARLY READER BUCKLEY Buckley, James A batboy's day 2005
EARLY READER COSBY Cosby, Bill Hooray for the Dandelion Warriors! 1999
EARLY READER CRISTALDI Cristaldi, Kathryn Baseball ballerina strikes out 2000
EARLY READER FELDMAN Feldman, Heather My day at the baseball game 2000
EARLY READER FOSTER Foster, Kelli C. Let's play ball 1996
EARLY READER HERMAN Herman, Gail Double-header 1993
EARLY READER HOFF Hoff, Syd The littlest leaguer 2008
EARLY READER JIMMY Chipponeri, Kelli Jimmy strikes out! 2004
EARLY READER KESSLER Kessler, Leonard P. Here comes the strikeout 1965
EARLY READER KIRKPATRICK Kirkpatrick, Rob Mark McGwire : record breaker 2000
EARLY READER KRENSKY Krensky, Stephen Lionel and his friends 1996
EARLY READER MCCLATCHY McClatchy, Lisa Eloise at the ball game 2008
EARLY READER PAPADEMETRIOU Papademetriou, Lisa Lucky me! 1999
EARLY READER WILLEMS Willems, Mo Watch me throw the ball! 2009
J796.357 YOLEN Yolen, Jane All-star! : Honus Wagner and the most famous baseball card ever 2010
J811 AT At the crack of the bat : baseball poems 1992
J811 EXT Extra innings : baseball poems 1993
J811 PRE Prelutsky, Jack What I did last summer 1984
J811 SPO Sports! sports! sports! : a poetry collection 1999
J811 THA Thayer, Ernest Lawrence Casey at the bat 1985
J811 THA Thayer, Ernest Lawrence Ernest L. Thayer's Casey at the bat : a ballad of the Republic sung in the year 1888 2000
PICTURE BOOK BERENSTAIN Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain bears go out for the team 1986
PICTURE BOOK BOTTNER Bottner, Barbara Nana Hannah's piano 1996
PICTURE BOOK BURLEIGH Burleigh, Robert Home run : the story of Babe Ruth 1998
PICTURE BOOK BURLEIGH Burleigh, Robert Stealing home : Jackie Robinson : against the odds 2007
PICTURE BOOK COREY Corey, Shana Players in pigtails 2003
PICTURE BOOK CURTIS Curtis, Gavin The bat boy & his violin 1998
PICTURE BOOK DELANEY Delaney, Ned Two strikes, four eyes 1976
PICTURE BOOK ELLERY Ellery, Amanda If I were a jungle animal 2009
PICTURE BOOK GUTMAN Gutman, Dan Casey back at bat 2007
PICTURE BOOK HERZOG Herzog, Brad H is for home run : a baseball alphabet 2004
PICTURE BOOK HOFF Hoff, Syd Slugger Sal's slump 1979
PICTURE BOOK KEANE Keane, David Daddy Adventure Day 2011
PICTURE BOOK KRAUS Kraus, Robert Mort the sport 2000
PICTURE BOOK LESTER Lester, Helen Batter up Wombat 2006
PICTURE BOOK LONDON London, Jonathan When the fireflies come 2003
PICTURE BOOK MAYER Mayer, Gina Just a baseball game 2003
PICTURE BOOK MCCULLY McCully, Emily Arnold Mouse practice 1999
PICTURE BOOK POLACCO Polacco, Patricia When lightning comes in a jar 2002
PICTURE BOOK POSADA Posada, Jorge Play ball! 2006
PICTURE BOOK PRELLER Preller, James Mighty Casey 2009
PICTURE BOOK ROBINSON Robinson, Sharon Testing the ice : a true story about Jackie Robinson 2009
PICTURE BOOK RODRIGUEZ Rodriguez, Alex Out of the ballpark 2007
PICTURE BOOK SHANNON Shannon, David How Georgie Radbourn saved baseball 1994
PICTURE BOOK UHLBERG Uhlberg, Myron Dad, Jackie, and me 2005
PICTURE BOOK WELCH Welch, Willy Playing right field 1995
PICTURE BOOK WHEELER Wheeler, Lisa Dino-baseball 2010