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Children's Reading List
May 2011

Chapter Books About Animals

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
JFICTION APPELT Appelt, Kathi The underneath 2008
JFICTION ARKIN Arkin, Alan The lemming condition 1976
JFICTION ARMSTRONG Armstrong, Alan W. Whittington 2005
JFICTION AVI Avi Ereth's birthday 2000
JFICTION AVI Avi Poppy 1995
JFICTION AVI Avi The mayor of Central Park 2003
JFICTION BAGLIO Baglio, Ben M. Kittens in the kitchen 1998
JFICTION BAGLIO Baglio, Ben M. Lamb in the laundry 1999
JFICTION BALABAN Balaban, John The hawk's tale 1988
JFICTION BOUGHTON Boughton, Richard Rent-a-Puppy, Inc. 1992
JFICTION BROOKS Brooks, Walter R. Freddy the detective 1987
JFICTION BURNFORD Burnford, Sheila E. The incredible journey 1961
JFICTION CAZET Cazet, Denys Minnie & Moo and the seven wonders of the world 2003
JFICTION COLLINS Collins, Suzanne Gregor the Overlander 2003
JFICTION CONLY Conly, Jane Leslie The rudest alien on earth 2002
JFICTION CORDER Corder, Zizou Lion boy 2004
JFICTION DICAMILLO DiCamillo, Kate Because of Winn-Dixie 2000
JFICTION DICAMILLO DiCamillo, Kate The tiger rising 2001
JFICTION FARMER Farmer, Nancy The Warm Place 1995
JFICTION FISCHBEIN Fischbein, Dina Really Raoulino 2006
JFICTION FOX Fox, Paula The little swineherd and other tales 1996
JFICTION GRAHAME Grahame, Kenneth The wind in the willows 1980
JFICTION HALE Hale, Bruce The malted falcon : from the tattered casebook of Chet Gecko, private eye 2003
JFICTION HERRIOT Herriot, James James Herriot's treasury for children 1992
JFICTION HOWE Howe, Deborah Bunnicula : a rabbit tale of mystery 1979
JFICTION IHIMAERA Ihimaera, Witi Tame The Whale rider 2003
JFICTION JACQUES Jacques, Brian Redwall 1986
JFICTION JARRELL Jarrell, Randall The bat-poet 1987
JFICTION JORDAN Jordan, Rosa The last wild place 2008
JFICTION KING-SMITH King-Smith, Dick Babe : the gallant pig 1985
JFICTION KING-SMITH King-Smith, Dick Funny Frank 2002
JFICTION KRAAN Kraan, Hanna Tales of the wicked witch 1995
JFICTION LISLE Lisle, Janet Taylor Highway cats 2008
JFICTION LIVELY Lively, Penelope A house inside out 1988
JFICTION LOWRY Lowry, Lois Bless this mouse 2011
JFICTION MARTIN Martin, Ann M. Everything for a dog 2009
JFICTION MATTHEWS Matthews, L. S . A dog for life 2006
JFICTION MCALLISTER McAllister, Margaret Urchin of the riding stars 2005
JFICTION MCDONALD McDonald, Megan Stink and the great Guinea Pig Express 2008
JFICTION MORGAN Morgan, Clay The boy who returned from the sea 2007
JFICTION OPPEL Oppel, Kenneth Darkwing 2007
JFICTION OSBORNE Osborne, Mary Pope Spider Kane and the mystery under the May-apple 1992
JFICTION PEARCE Pearce, Philippa Lion at school and other stories 1985
JFICTION PEARCE Pearce, Philippa The little gentleman 2004
JFICTION REICHE Reiche, Dietlof I, Freddy 2003
JFICTION RYLANT Rylant, Cynthia Gooseberry Park 1995
JFICTION SAID Said, S. F. Varjak Paw 2003
JFICTION SCHLEIN Schlein, Miriam The year of the panda 1990
JFICTION SELDEN Selden, George Harry Cat's pet puppy 1974
JFICTION STAUFFACHER Stauffacher, Sue Show time 2011
JFICTION STILTON Stilton, Geronimo Lost treasure of the Emerald Eye 2004
JFICTION VOIGT Voigt, Cynthia Young Fredle 2011
JFICTION WILSON Wilson, Willie Up mountain one time 1987