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Children's Reading List
January 2012

Alphabet Books

 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
PICTURE BOOK AGEE Agee, Jon Z goes home 2003
PICTURE BOOK ALLEN Allen, Susan Read anything good lately? 2003
PICTURE BOOK AYLESWORTH Aylesworth, Jim The folks in the valley : a Pennsylvania Dutch ABC 1992
PICTURE BOOK AZARIAN Azarian, Mary A farmer's alphabet 1981
PICTURE BOOK AZARIAN Azarian, Mary A gardener's alphabet 2000
PICTURE BOOK BAKER Baker, Keith LMNO peas 2010
PICTURE BOOK BASE Base, Graeme Animalia 1993
PICTURE BOOK BROWN Brown, Margaret Wise Sleepy ABC 2009
PICTURE BOOK BRUEL Bruel, Nick Bad kitty 2005
PICTURE BOOK CLEARY Cleary, Beverly The hullabaloo ABC 1998
PICTURE BOOK CLEARY Cleary, Brian P. Peanut butter and jellyfishes : a very silly alphabet book 2007
PICTURE BOOK COLE Cole, Joanna Bug in a rug : reading fun for just-beginners 1996
PICTURE BOOK CORY Cory, Fanny Y. The fairy alphabet of F.Y. Cory 1991
PICTURE BOOK DEMAREST Demarest, Chris L. Firefighters A to Z 2000
PICTURE BOOK DEMEJO De Mejo, Oscar Oscar de Mejo's ABC 1992
PICTURE BOOK DITERLIZZI DiTerlizzi, Tony G is for one gzonk : an alpha-number-bet book 2006
PICTURE BOOK DOG The dog from Arf! Arf! to Zzzzzz 2004
PICTURE BOOK EASTMAN Eastman, P. D. The alphabet book 1974
PICTURE BOOK EICHENBERG Eichenberg, Fritz Ape in a cape : an alphabet of odd animals 1980
PICTURE BOOK ELTING Elting, Mary Q is for duck : an alphabet guessing game 1980
PICTURE BOOK EMBERLEY Emberley, Ed Ed Emberley's ABC. 1978
PICTURE BOOK ERNST Ernst, Lisa Campbell The letters are lost! 1999
PICTURE BOOK ERNST Ernst, Lisa Campbell The turn-around upside-down alphabet book 2004
PICTURE BOOK FEELINGS Feelings, Muriel L. Jambo means hello; Swahili alphabet book 1974
PICTURE BOOK FISHER Fisher, Valorie Ellsworth's extraordinary electric ears and other amazing alphabet anecdotes 2003
PICTURE BOOK FLEMING Fleming, Denise Shout! Shout it out! 2011
PICTURE BOOK GAG Gag, Wanda The ABC bunny 1978
PICTURE BOOK GEISERT Geisert, Arthur Pigs from A to Z 1986
PICTURE BOOK GERSTEIN Gerstein, Mordicai The absolutely awful alphabet 1999
PICTURE BOOK GROVER Grover, Max The accidental zucchini : an unexpected alphabet 1997
PICTURE BOOK HAGUE Hague, Kathleen Alphabears : an ABC book 1984
PICTURE BOOK HARADA Harada, Joyce It's the ABC book 1982
PICTURE BOOK HEPWORTH Hepworth, Catherine Antics! : an alphabetical anthology 1992
PICTURE BOOK HERZOG Herzog, Brad H is for home run : a baseball alphabet 2004
PICTURE BOOK HOBAN Hoban, Tana 26 letters and 99 cents 1987
PICTURE BOOK HOBBIE Hobbie, Holly Toot & Puddle : Puddle's ABC 2000
PICTURE BOOK HORENSTEIN Horenstein, Henry A is for-- ? : a photographer's alphabet of animals 1999
PICTURE BOOK ISADORA Isadora, Rachel ABC pop! 1999
PICTURE BOOK JOHNSON Johnson, Crockett Harold's ABC 1963
PICTURE BOOK JONAS Jonas, Ann Aardvarks, disembark! 1990
PICTURE BOOK KALMAN Kalman, Maira What Pete ate from A-Z 2001
PICTURE BOOK KELLOGG Kellogg, Steven Aster Aardvark's alphabet adventures 1987
PICTURE BOOK KNAFF Knaff, Jean Christian Animal characters : an alphabet 1987
PICTURE BOOK KONTIS Kontis, Alethea Alpha oops! : the day Z went first 2006
PICTURE BOOK LESTER Lester, Mike A is for salad 2002
PICTURE BOOK LICHTENHELD Lichtenheld, Tom E-mergency 2011
PICTURE BOOK LIONNI Lionni, Leo The alphabet tree 1990
PICTURE BOOK LOBEL Lobel, Anita Pierrot's ABC garden 1992
PICTURE BOOK LONDON London, Jonathan Do your ABC's, Little Brown Bear 2005
PICTURE BOOK MACDONALD MacDonald, Suse A was once an apple pie 2005
PICTURE BOOK MACDONALD MacDonald, Suse Alphabatics 1992
PICTURE BOOK MAHURIN Mahurin, Tim Jeremy Kooloo 1995
PICTURE BOOK MARINO Marino, Gianna Zoopa : an animal alphabet 2005
PICTURE BOOK MARTIN Martin, Bill Chicka chicka boom boom 1989
PICTURE BOOK MARTIN Martin, Steve The alphabet from A to Y with bonus letter, Z! 2007
PICTURE BOOK MCGUIRK McGuirk, Leslie If rocks could sing : a discovered alphabet 2011
PICTURE BOOK MCPHAIL McPhail, David M. David McPhail's animals A to Z 1988
PICTURE BOOK MILLER Miller, Edna Mousekin's ABC 1972
PICTURE BOOK MODESITT Modesitt, Jeanne The story of Z 1990
PICTURE BOOK MORA Mora, Pat Marimba! : animales from A to Z 2006
PICTURE BOOK MORALES Morales, Yuyi Just in case : a trickster tale and Spanish alphabet book 2008
PICTURE BOOK MOST Most, Bernard ABC T-Rex 2000
PICTURE BOOK MURPHY Murphy, Mary The Alphabet Keeper 2003
PICTURE BOOK MURRAY Murray, Alison Apple pie ABC 2011
PICTURE BOOK OBLIGADO Obligado, Lilian Faint frogs feeling feverish : & other terrifically tantalizing tongue twisters 1983
PICTURE BOOK O'CONNOR O'Connor, Jane Fancy Nancy's favorite fancy words : from accessories to zany 2008
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The airplane alphabet book 1997
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The bird alphabet book 1989
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The dinosaur alphabet book 1991
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The extinct alphabet book 1993
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The flower alphabet book 1988
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The freshwater alphabet book 1996
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The frog alphabet book : --and other awesome amphibians 1990
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The underwater alphabet book 1991
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The yucky reptile alphabet book 1989
PICTURE BOOK PAUL Paul, Ann Whitford Everything to spend the night--from A to Z 1999
PICTURE BOOK PELLETIER Pelletier, David The graphic alphabet 1996
PICTURE BOOK PHILLIPS Phillips, Tamara Day care ABC 1989
PICTURE BOOK POLACCO Polacco, Patricia G is for goat 2003
PICTURE BOOK POMEROY Pomeroy, Diana Wildflower ABC : an alphabet of potato prints 1997
PICTURE BOOK RANKIN Rankin, Laura The handmade alphabet 1991
PICTURE BOOK RASCHKA Raschka, Christopher Talk to me about the alphabet 2003
PICTURE BOOK RASH Rash, Andy Agent A to Agent Z 2004
PICTURE BOOK RICE Rice, James Cowboy alphabet 1990
PICTURE BOOK SAMTON Samton, Sheila White Amazing Aunt Agatha 1990
PICTURE BOOK SCARRY Scarry, Richard Richard Scarry's find your ABC's 2009
PICTURE BOOK SCARRY Scarry, Richard Richard Scarry's little ABC 1998
PICTURE BOOK SCHAFER Schafer, Kevin Penguins A-B-C 2002
PICTURE BOOK SCHNUR Schnur, Steven Autumn : an alphabet acrostic 1997
PICTURE BOOK SEEGER Seeger, Laura Vaccaro Walter was worried 2005
PICTURE BOOK SENDAK Sendak, Maurice Alligators all around : an alphabet 1991
PICTURE BOOK SHANNON Shannon, George Tomorrow's alphabet 1995
PICTURE BOOK SHAPIRO Shapiro, Zachary We're all in the same boat 2008
PICTURE BOOK SHULMAN Shulman, Mark Aa is for aardvark 2011
PICTURE BOOK SIERRA Sierra, Judy Sleepy little alphabet : a bedtime story from Alphabet Town 2009
PICTURE BOOK SLATE Slate, Joseph Miss Bindergarten gets ready for kindergarten 1996
PICTURE BOOK SOBEL Sobel, June B is for bulldozer : a construction ABC 2003
PICTURE BOOK SPIRIN Spirin, Gennady A apple pie 2005
PICTURE BOOK TUDOR Tudor, Tasha A is for Annabelle : a doll's alphabet 2001
PICTURE BOOK WATSON Watson, Clyde Applebet : an ABC 1982
PICTURE BOOK WELLS Wells, Rosemary Letters and sounds 2001
PICTURE BOOK WERSBA Wersba, Barbara Twenty-six starlings will fly through your mind 1980
PICTURE BOOK WILLARD Willard, Nancy An alphabet of angels 1994
PICTURE BOOK WILLIAMS Williams, Laura E. ABC kids 2000
PICTURE BOOK WOLF Wolf, Janet Adelaide to Zeke 1987
PICTURE BOOK ZIEFERT Ziefert, Harriet Posey plans a party 2009