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Children's Reading List
July 2016

Adventure Novels for Kids

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY FLEISCHMAN Fleischman, Sid The whipping boy 1986
AWARD NEWBERY PARK Park, Linda Sue A single shard 2001
AWARD NEWBERY SPERRY Sperry, Armstrong Call it courage 1940
JFICTION ANDERSON Anderson, M. T. Jasper Dash and the flame-pits of Delaware 2009
JFICTION ANGLEBERGER Angleberger, Tom To kick a corpse 2016
JFICTION ARROYO Arroyo, Raymond The relic of Perilous Falls 2016
JFICTION BARRY Barry, Dave Peter and the Starcatchers 2004
JFICTION BELL Bell, Ted Nick of time 2008
JFICTION BODE Bode, N. E. The slippery map 2007
JFICTION BOSCH Bosch, Pseudonymous The name of this book is secret 2007
JFICTION BRADFORD Bradford, Chris Young samurai : the way of the warrior 2009
JFICTION BYRD Byrd, Tim Doc Wilde and the frogs of doom 2009
JFICTION COLE Cole, Frank The guardians of the hidden scepter 2010
JFICTION DAKIN Dakin, Glenn The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance 2009
JFICTION DASHNER Dashner, James The journal of curious letters 2008
JFICTION DEL RIO Del Rio, Tania Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye 2015
JFICTION DICAMILLO DiCamillo, Kate The magician's elephant 2009
JFICTION D'LACEY D'Lacey, Chris A dark inheritance 2014
JFICTION EASTON Easton, Kelly The outlandish adventures of Liberty Aimes 2009
JFICTION EDDLEMAN Eddleman, Peggy Sky jumpers 2013
JFICTION FLACKETT Flackett, Jennifer The family Hitchcock 2011
JFICTION FLAVIN Flavin, Teresa The Blackhope enigma 2011
JFICTION FLEISCHMAN Fleischman, Paul The Half-a-Moon Inn 1980
JFICTION GORDON Gordon, Roderick Tunnels 2008
JFICTION GRANT Grant, Michael The call 2010
JFICTION GUTMAN Gutman, Dan Mission unstoppable 2011
JFICTION HEMPHILL Hemphill, Helen The adventurous deeds of Deadwood Jones 2008
JFICTION HUGHES Hughes, Carol Jack Black & the ship of thieves 2000
JFICTION KERR Kerr, Philip One small step 2008
JFICTION KIRBY Kirby, Matthew J. Spell robbers 2014
JFICTION KRESS Kress, Adrienne Timothy and the dragon's gate 2008
JFICTION LARSON Larson, Kirby Audacity Jones to the rescue 2016
JFICTION LONDON London, C. Alexander We are not eaten by yaks 2011
JFICTION MABBITT Mabbitt, Will The unlikely adventures of Mabel Jones 2015
JFICTION MCCAUGHREAN McCaughrean, Geraldine Stop the train! : a novel 2003
JFICTION MCCAUGHREAN McCaughrean, Geraldine The death-defying Pepper Roux 2010
JFICTION MESSNER Messner, Kate Rescue on the Oregon trail 2015
JFICTION MILWAY Milway, Alex The mousehunter 2009
JFICTION MULL Mull, Brandon Sky Raiders 2014
JFICTION NIELSEN Nielsen, Jennifer A. The false prince 2012
JFICTION OPPEL Oppel, Kenneth The Boundless 2014
JFICTION PATTERSON Patterson, James Treasure hunters 2013
JFICTION PHILBRICK Philbrick, W. R. The big dark 2016
JFICTION PHILBRICK Philbrick, W. R. The mostly true adventures of Homer P. Figg 2009
JFICTION PRIMAVERA Primavera, Elise Ms. Rapscott's girls 2015
JFICTION RILEY Riley, James Story thieves 2015
JFICTION ROLLINS Rollins, James Jake Ransom and the howling sphinx 2010
JFICTION ROSS Ross, Joel N. The Fog diver 2015
JFICTION SHEARER Shearer, Alex Sea legs 2005
JFICTION SHUSTERMAN Shusterman, Neal Tesla's attic 2014
JFICTION SMITH Smith, Roland Storm runners 2011
JFICTION STEAD Stead, Rebecca First light 2007
JFICTION STEPHENS Stephens, John The emerald atlas 2011
JFICTION STEWART Stewart, Paul Fergus Crane 2006
JFICTION UMANSKY Umansky, Kaye Solomon Snow and the stolen jewel 2006
JFICTION VANDERPOOL Vanderpool, Clare Navigating Early 2013
JFICTION WELLS Wells, Rosemary On the Blue Comet 2010
JFICTION WILSON Wilson, Nathan D. Leepike Ridge 2007
PICTURE BOOK SCHWARZ Schwarz, Viviane How to find gold 2016